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Especially if your foot is to the floor and you're in reverse.
It looks a lot like a Samsung phone to me.
Maybe a 7 day refund policy would get rid of all the junk in the app store. If an app is only good for 7 days then it certainly isn't worth paying for in the first place.
There's an iPad app for that, at least for the ATV. There are universal remote apps but they require, IMHO, overpriced hardware to transmit the IR. Some new TVs, Samsung for example support bluetooth and or WiFi enabled so IR remotes may be on there way out. Even so the iPad, or more likely a cheap Android tablet, with a $5 adapter is probably going to replace the current crop of universal remotes.
I purchased a 2x1TB Dlink NAS for just over $200. it wasn't plug and play but really not that difficult to set up. I can access it from my IPad but I have never got the Itunes server to work. The connected PCs on the other hand are a PITA. They attempt to mount network drives before connecting to the network (both hardwired and WiFi). Google found lots of people with the same problem but no solution.
I have both a kindle and an ipad. I'm not a pilot so I don't know how much info needs to be included on your "approach plate". A kindle sized device may be fine if your maps are pocket book sized but as a replacement for 8.5x11 sheets an ipad size is more appropriate. Back to the availability of cheaper tablets though I still don't see any Ipad equivalent tablets that are any cheaper.
I've read a couple of comments about cheaper tablets being available. Where are they? The only cheaper ones I've seen are the crappy ones running android 2.xx They have small resistive screens (not multi touch) and frankly technically aren't in the same class as the IPad. The Xoom, Playbook, Tab may be in the same class but aren't any cheaper.
I had a voice recognition board installed in my Apple II+. it wasn't great but it did sort of work. With current processors I don't see VR being much of an issue. this is especially so if the processor isn't doing much else other than listening for an input.
It was in response to a question on whether convenience was worth an extra 30%. My original post was that if Apple took a reasonable cut while still allowing non itune in-app purchases everyone would be better off. Personally I find it amusing how many arrogant and ignorant people post here Does the shoe fit?
Would someone pay $13 for a book through Itunes or exit an app and get if from Amazon for $10? It doesn't take a genius tp figure out what most people would choose.
New Posts  All Forums: