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It was in response to a question on whether convenience was worth an extra 30%. My original post was that if Apple took a reasonable cut while still allowing non itune in-app purchases everyone would be better off. Personally I find it amusing how many arrogant and ignorant people post here Does the shoe fit?
Would someone pay $13 for a book through Itunes or exit an app and get if from Amazon for $10? It doesn't take a genius tp figure out what most people would choose.
Maybe there is something missing n the AI article because this doesn't seem like a very good outcome for anyone. I'm not familiar with the issues around FT but take Kindle for an example. If Amazon wants to make the same margin on a sale through Itunes they will raise the Itune price by 30%. Without an in-app link consumers will either have to pay the extra 30% or go through a cumbersome process to buy outside the app. I think a far better solution would be for Apple to...
Waste heat can also be used to drive chillers for air conditioning.
I think magazines like Pop Sci could do well if they offered discounted single issues. I don't read them enough to buy an annual subscription (~$1.30 per issue) but would be willing to buy an occassional issue. Unfortunately their single issues are priced at $4.99.
Say what!! I don't recall seeing a glossy screen at work (where we use windows) for at least 15 years. If the reflection on a glossy screen is bright enough your eyes will continually change focus from what is on the screen to the reflection and it does hurt after a few hours. At home my daughter has a mac mini. We didn't buy the imac because of the glossy screens. I agree with one of the other posters, the glossy screens look good in the show room but aren't...
tor·rid (tôrd, tr-) adj. tor·rid·er, tor·rid·est 1. Parched with the heat of the sun; intensely hot. 2. Scorching; burning: the torrid noonday sun. 3. Passionate; ardent: a torrid love scene. 4. Hurried; rapid: set a torrid pace; torrid economic growth. I believe #4 works
You mean I've been talking French Dang, from now on it is Walla.
I've often wondered why an ad for a Professional Tablet would show the user playing games.
I agree RIM's secure email is their greatest asset. Their enterprise solution now supports both ios and android. I imagine that corp IT will probably stay away from android though.
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