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 Nope. I've used my daughter's. It's just not the same user experience. The iPad is the goto device in our household.
 Change your DNS.
The iPad senior!!! YES!!!!! I need it for my old eyes. It also opens up the possibility of multiple "windows" open at the same time.
I have no doubt that Apple is guilty of tax avoidance but that isn't illegal. On the otherhand, any tax accountant worth his salt is always pushing the boundaries between legal and illegal.
I agree with philboogie. With physical buttons you don't have to take your eye of the road. I can operate my windows, radio, airconditioning, lights without ever having to look for the control, I don't think I could do that with a touchsreen. Siri on the other hand.....
 I grew up on a farm and never understood the opposition to DST. In fact DST seemed better for farmers than standard time. In fact double DST would have been even better.
 www.digikey.comPart # MT29F128G08CFABAWP:B TR-ND 16 GB$17.10
 Actually with very little effor they can,, so you are the one that doesn't understand. But then that doesn't surprise me.
 Agreed, I wasn't talking about RAM but yes $5 is about right. Joe Blow can buy it for $1/Gb, I'm sure Apple can get if for a lot less.It's the memory pricing that makes me walk away empty handed from the Apple store.
 It would have been nice if they had included another $5 worth of RAM and dropped the 16 GB base model entirely.
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