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My original point was that the analysis was flawed.  Using Steve Job's truck example, a useful analysis would have determined Microsoft's share of the "truck" market.  We all know they are only wannabees in the mobile market.
Sorry I don't consider my iphone or ipad the same as my desktop. They are really a different market. The chart is interesting though, the iPad did have a significant effect of PC sales, but look at what release of Win8 in the 3rd qtr of 2012 did.
 Actually I like the rumour about the 13" ipad.
Sort of OT but we have byod at my workplace.  After they set up my iPhone I couldn't recieve images in text messages.  Since upgrading to IOS7 that restriction disappeared.  I am not telling them!
 15 minutes later and numerous install, agree to terms (why do I have to agree twice?) verifying, fails etc.   and it has now rebooted.
Download took about 90 minutes, now it is verifying update.  It damn well better verify!!!  Crap now it is saying update is not available and to try later. verifying again.....
One has to wonder whether they could pull fingerprints from the photo of the hand?
Maybe you should check your facts, more than 50% of Apple's revenue is from overseas.
How do you play something from your NAS?  I don't run itunes all the time and when I do it tends to disconnect, it is on a windows machine after all.  Many of the videos I get from TV stations are using Flash so an iOS device simply won't work.
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