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 15 minutes later and numerous install, agree to terms (why do I have to agree twice?) verifying, fails etc.   and it has now rebooted.
Download took about 90 minutes, now it is verifying update.  It damn well better verify!!!  Crap now it is saying update is not available and to try later. verifying again.....
One has to wonder whether they could pull fingerprints from the photo of the hand?
Maybe you should check your facts, more than 50% of Apple's revenue is from overseas.
How do you play something from your NAS?  I don't run itunes all the time and when I do it tends to disconnect, it is on a windows machine after all.  Many of the videos I get from TV stations are using Flash so an iOS device simply won't work.
I don't know whether it would require an app store but there are a couple of wants that could be met with independent apps. 1. I would like to be be able to play videos directly from my NAS.  Even my Samsung TV can do that.  2.  Access other on line video content.  Many TV stations already will stream content to computers   Airplay doesn't work well for either of those.
Samsung smart tvs will already stream Netflix.  There is other stuff as well  but I only use mine for Netflix Canada.  I have Netflix US on the ATV.  It's all  one account but there is different content.    I have seen an ad for a Samsung TV that claimed it also included a web browser.  That would be nice if it will stream content from TV websites.  I currently us a mac mini for that.  Many of them still us flash so airplay from an iPad doesn't work.
I can stream directly from my network storage to my Samsung TV.  There's no need to have a PC running itunes or plex.  I use the Apple TV mostly for Netflix and the occasional rental from itunes.  I've yet to find a nice way to stream from TV websites though.  Most seem to use flash so airplay won't work. 
I bought my wife a Lenovo laptop a few months ago.  My daughter has an Air but I don't get to use it often enough to do a comparison of trackpads.  I can say though, that the lenovo trackpad certainly isn't perfect by any stretch.  Along with windows 8 the laptop is frustrating to use. 
New Posts  All Forums: