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Samsung smart tvs will already stream Netflix.  There is other stuff as well  but I only use mine for Netflix Canada.  I have Netflix US on the ATV.  It's all  one account but there is different content.    I have seen an ad for a Samsung TV that claimed it also included a web browser.  That would be nice if it will stream content from TV websites.  I currently us a mac mini for that.  Many of them still us flash so airplay from an iPad doesn't work.
I can stream directly from my network storage to my Samsung TV.  There's no need to have a PC running itunes or plex.  I use the Apple TV mostly for Netflix and the occasional rental from itunes.  I've yet to find a nice way to stream from TV websites though.  Most seem to use flash so airplay won't work. 
I bought my wife a Lenovo laptop a few months ago.  My daughter has an Air but I don't get to use it often enough to do a comparison of trackpads.  I can say though, that the lenovo trackpad certainly isn't perfect by any stretch.  Along with windows 8 the laptop is frustrating to use. 
Bill Gates denies the common rumor that in 1981 he stated that 640kB was enough for everybody. In 1979  I upgraded my first computer from 4kB to 8kB, memory cost me $10/kB.
I wonder if Samsung has a patent on limiting the SD to data only.  If Apple was so inclined they could use a similar method, locking down the apps to prevent piracy but allowing the users use SD cards for data.  I just looked at my iPhone and I use about 1.7GB for apps.  My iPad is at home but I suspect it will have quite a bit more but probably still less than 10 Gb in apps.
Apple can sell their upgrades for whatever they want.  But who is the sheep when you can buy a 16 GB sd card for $10.
SD cards and cameras have come a long way in the last 10 years.
It's certainly not as bad as paying Apple $100 to get a bump in memory.
Or they could add $10 to the material cost and make it 32Gb.
  It wasn't that long ago that they were $2/Gig, now they are under a $1.  I'm surprised the Apple prices actually aren't that bad.  They must have lowered the Tax! LOL
New Posts  All Forums: