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SD cards and cameras have come a long way in the last 10 years.
It's certainly not as bad as paying Apple $100 to get a bump in memory.
Or they could add $10 to the material cost and make it 32Gb.
  It wasn't that long ago that they were $2/Gig, now they are under a $1.  I'm surprised the Apple prices actually aren't that bad.  They must have lowered the Tax! LOL
I wouldn't characterize it as a trap.  It is a business strategy that is often successful.  Simply fill all the niches so your competitor has no where to go.  It works fine until someone comes up with a disruptive device.  That's what happened to Nokia when the iPhone came along.  Currently with only incremental improvements in smart phones it isn't a bad strategy.
A tablet that can be used as a phone makes a lot of sense in the business world, so I don't think this product will only apeal to lower incomers.  If Apple responds I'm sure they will find an innovative way to get past the technical issues that some have posted about.
I wouldn't go quite that far but for the average user I'm with you.
I can fit 10" in my jeans.  LOL
Based only on what I've seen in TV ads, Blackberry might have a way to do multiple windows.  Rather than displaying them both, the top window appears to slide off the one behind it.  I don't know if that is exactly how it works with the BB but something like that would certainly be an improvement over double clicking the home button.
I agree with Alan, the user interface is poor.  But it is poor in the same way that capitalism is poor. ie, everything else is even worse.
New Posts  All Forums: