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The only reason I could see for a non retina phone would be to make it look cheap so people will still buy the higher end models.  I'm not sure that fits Apple's business model though.
Just make it as light as a feather and it will drift slowly to the ground when dropped.
Hulu isn't available outside of the US (except with vpn).  With Apple's international sales contributing well over 50% to their revenue one would think that they would start adding interrnational functionality to the ATC.
Aluminum is self healinig.  When it get scratched a layer of aluminum oxide (AKA sapphire) forms and protects it from further corrosion.  A good grade of aluminum will not oxidize to white powder.  That type of corrosion is unique to poor alloy control.  It was/is very common in zinc alloys. Chrysler chrome trim was especially bad for this and often fell apart after a couple of years.  The root cause is a mix of dissimilar metals which results in intergranular corrosion...
Your comments remind me of the movie Argo.
A bit more information on the direct to TV feature would have been nice.  Most if not all smart TV will already have a youtube app so it's not a big thing.  But if Youtube can do it then why not other apps,  that would be a big.
I agree it is a great service.  I seem to recall reading that is started out of a deal between Steve Jobs and Stanford U. One thing I do find annoying though it is the amount of 2 minute teaser lectures that are a waste of time.  There a plenty though that are really great.  I suppose it depends upon the provider.
XBMC has been ported to the ARM based raspberry pi.  All it takes is $35 dollars of hardware and an SD card.
 I just hope that that is the case.  Right now it looks more likely that the JB community will move on because of how well Apple locked down the ATV3.  The programmers who are creating products such as XBMC will also move on and add funtionality to competing devices..  Consumers will also move to these if they have significant advantages over the ATV.  That is why in my original post I expressed my hope that Apple would do something with the ATV
the whole topic was about what the jailbreak community has added in terms of functionality.  I would expect Apple could do even better, instead what have they done;  added MLB, NHL wow.  Where I am ATV2s are selling for about $200 because they can be jail broke, so it is not just me who wants the extra functionality. 
New Posts  All Forums: