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I can fit 10" in my jeans.  LOL
Based only on what I've seen in TV ads, Blackberry might have a way to do multiple windows.  Rather than displaying them both, the top window appears to slide off the one behind it.  I don't know if that is exactly how it works with the BB but something like that would certainly be an improvement over double clicking the home button.
I agree with Alan, the user interface is poor.  But it is poor in the same way that capitalism is poor. ie, everything else is even worse.
I find the current IOS fine on my phone.  A few tweaks here and there are always nice but I don't think that would require a more powerful processor.  A 20nm A6 should use less power though and would extend battery life.   IOS on the iPad though has lots of room for improvement so a more powerful processeor is likely needed there. On that note it's likely that iPhone and Tablet IOSs will soon start to diverge.
AniPad retina display (264 ppi) would give the iPad mini a non standard 1420x1064 display. In order for the mini to have a standard display it would have to be equivalent to iPhone retina display (336 ppi), giving the mini a standard 2048x1536 display.  I don't believe there is much cost difference in iphone size displays but it will take a while (perhaps the next iteration?) before a mini size retina display is economic.  Conclusion Economic 101 does explain the non...
The only reason I could see for a non retina phone would be to make it look cheap so people will still buy the higher end models.  I'm not sure that fits Apple's business model though.
Just make it as light as a feather and it will drift slowly to the ground when dropped.
Hulu isn't available outside of the US (except with vpn).  With Apple's international sales contributing well over 50% to their revenue one would think that they would start adding interrnational functionality to the ATC.
Aluminum is self healinig.  When it get scratched a layer of aluminum oxide (AKA sapphire) forms and protects it from further corrosion.  A good grade of aluminum will not oxidize to white powder.  That type of corrosion is unique to poor alloy control.  It was/is very common in zinc alloys. Chrysler chrome trim was especially bad for this and often fell apart after a couple of years.  The root cause is a mix of dissimilar metals which results in intergranular corrosion...
Your comments remind me of the movie Argo.
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