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XBMC has been ported to the ARM based raspberry pi.  All it takes is $35 dollars of hardware and an SD card.
 I just hope that that is the case.  Right now it looks more likely that the JB community will move on because of how well Apple locked down the ATV3.  The programmers who are creating products such as XBMC will also move on and add funtionality to competing devices..  Consumers will also move to these if they have significant advantages over the ATV.  That is why in my original post I expressed my hope that Apple would do something with the ATV
the whole topic was about what the jailbreak community has added in terms of functionality.  I would expect Apple could do even better, instead what have they done;  added MLB, NHL wow.  Where I am ATV2s are selling for about $200 because they can be jail broke, so it is not just me who wants the extra functionality. 
Since your google skills are so limited how about this:   XBMC, 1Channel, Icefilms, CouchSurfer, NaviX, NBC, CBS, ABC, ABC Family, CW, WB, RSS Feed, Weather, Media Player, ESPN Video, Fox Sports, Fox News, Nascar.com, WSJ Live, Food Network, History, Lifetime, USA, A&E, AMC, Biography, Bravo, Nat Geo, Nat Geo Wild, HGTV, Nickelodeon, NickTeen, NickToons, Oxygen, Spike, SyFy, TV Land, MTV, VH1, G4TV, GSN, Radio, Trailers, TMZ, NASA, Icecast, Internet Archive, Blip.tv,...
Maybe rather than flapping your gums you should check out what a jailbroke ATV2 is capable of.  If the hackers can add that much functionality, why the HL can't apple.
Yes i have both. If you're thinking about airplay. Yes i have used it but can't say i'm happy with that approach.
Wasn't meant as a bait at all. I am in the market for a second tv box and I'm patiently waiting for Apple to do something with their hobby.  Right now, beyond itunes rentals, the ATV doesn't do anything more than my smart TV does.
One can always hope that Apple actually does something innovative with the Apple TV.  Jailbreakers are the ones who are innovating in this area.  it is too bad that they haven't cracked the ATV3.  Unless Apple does something or a jailbreak shows up for the ATV3, the world is going to move on to different hardware.
You're correct that you would have to carry the tablet with you all the time, but a lot of business people do just that.
There are many times I wished I could have two windows side by side on the iPad.  They both don't need to be running, but I do need to see what is on the screen of both.  Having to switch back and forth between two apps is a PITA.
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