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Do any of the other nav apps allow offline navigation? This is Navigon's huge advantage IMO. I've been using it since before Garmin bought them and still like it. For my daily commute I use Waze for their traffic info plus I get to feel like a contributor to that info, but anytime I'm going far I use Navigon. One of the other nice things about Navigon is that you can pick and choose which state's maps to store on your phone.
I've been so hoping for 10.6.9 that I saw 10.9 and mentally inserted the 6... Why might Snow Leopard get another update? I know it won't but I'd love to be able to access my Photo Stream. But that's for another topic. Just hopeful is all.
So disappointed. I read this and thought "10.6.9, YES!" Then I read a little more... 10.9. Darn.
Hi all, longtime reader and newly registered - Could someone confirm for me if iOS Airplay will or will not stream audio to an Airport Express? I thought this would be the most basic feature and something I've been waiting to see for a long time, and I would be shocked if it were omitted from Airplay. I don't see it mentioned in the article. Thanks!
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