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Yes, but still no iTunes Radio outside of AUS or USA - what on earth is taking so long?
Is there any sign of a purchased content transfer system in the iTunes 12 beta and new store?   http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/03/07/apples-digital-content-resale-and-loan-system-could-allow-drm-transfers-between-end-users
 I hope that you have fed this back to Apple, because your comments are certainly worrying.
This has probably already been discussed, and if so, sorry for rehashing it, but continuity will require Bluetooth 4.0 right? So only Macs later than 2012 will have the feature right?
But how much would such a machine cost? 27 inches of retina sounds prohibitively expensive, and I would want to max out the internals (CPU, RAM) to give it as long a life as possible... That being said, I don't care about on-board storage (500GB flash would be fine), as much of my media is stored in iTunes in the Cloud.
Is there a list of the countries where "Applecare for iPhone" is available somewhere online?
It is now available in the UK iTunes Store.
Does anyone know how the availability of Visual Voicemail is determined? My carrier here in Belgium, Proximus, has finally become an Apple carrier partner, giving iPhone-users access to 4G-LTE amongst other things. Does Visual voicemail come through a carrier settings update?
 You're absolutely right that it has nothing to do with politics, it was more of a general comment on the disparity in terms of availaibility of Apple's online services throughout the EU.
We are a European Union after all, are we not. I know that we don't yet have the Digital Single Market, nevertheless it shouldn't be to difficult to approve more EU carriers for the SMS facility that is tied to 2-step authentication? Or am I missing something...
New Posts  All Forums: