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I would rather see the transfer of purchased content across Apple IDs facility become available...
They actually make all the gifts free in the iTunes Store on the 21st December (or whenever the last day before the iTunes connect holiday is). The app merely serves as a timer-based shortcut to the items in the store. Case in point, it's only 2:30 pm (Day 1) here in the UK and the Kalahari episode, due tomorrow, is already free to download.
For some reason, I'm not buying that this will be an iPad, Mavericks/Mac Pro-only event, it would feel too routine. I think the tag line along with the more colourful than usual invite rather suggests that they want to discuss a large video display, perhaps the long rumoured true Apple TV or a retina iMac?
No issues whatsoever, updated 2nd ATV with no problems.
This is incredibly interesting. I was very tempted by the 5S, but have to remind myself that the Touch ID facility is 1st generation (for iPhones). I have a 4S which I'm happy with, but I could imagine a 6/6S with it's capacitive touchscreen, 3rd gen. Touch ID, and all covered by a layer of Sapphire crystal. Now THAT would be a beautiful and worthy investment! Btw, I'm not a dev, so don't have access to the GM of iOS 7, but what sort of performance are you guys seeing on...
I really hope that's the case, I am worried that Apple is diluting their iPhone brand unnecessarily in the Western markets with an iPhone 5C. The iPad mini was one thing, they were addressing the gap in the market that they had intentionally/unintentionally created when Steve Jobs described any tablet less than 10 inches accross, as not being worthy of the name "tablet" (though I think he said not worthy of existing...But in the case of an iPhone 5C, they are simply going...
Would Apple release two models of both the 5S and the 5C. If they intergrate Qualcomm's new RF360 baseband chip, doesn't that give them worldwide compatibility?
I knew when I came to the comments for this article that I would enjoy myself, iOS being renown for its security - but the above comment has to take the "Comment of The Day" title!
It's bloody amazing! But I'm still confused as to what the pricing strategy is gonna be come the autumn...Rosner announced new versions for both OSX and iOS, but would they really make them free?
Actually in Europe, our single market doesn't cover every commercial space per say - we have a common agricultural policy, a common fisheries policy to name a few, but we don't as of yet have a single market for telecommunications or digital products. The former is currently being worked on by our Vice President for the Digital Agenda, but the centerpiece there is an abolition of mobile roaming fees across the EU member states.I think we're a long way from a unified...
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