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So just so I get this: Apple Shipments = iPhones actually sold to customers. Other Company Shipments: Smartphones sitting in a warehouse somewhere. Right?
When you pay the sort of money required for the iPhone, what you're paying for is blank slate to customise as you wish from a safe, and yes walled, environment (apart from Apple standard apps). I think the smartphone generation looks to carriers as essentially service providers, for isn't that definition of "carrier". Personally, I would have loved to see an integrated SIM card, which yes must be activated for a specific carrier at an Apple Store or carrier store. Since...
Just thought that I would point out that Joaquin Almunia is actually a Vice-President of the European Commission...one of eight yes, but a VP nonetheless.
I absolutely agree on this, Apple is the best at making things beautiful, and I am sure they could pull it off. But wouldn't it have to be on a case-by-case basis? As someone said, not all in-app purchases are bad, but for those games that rely on the freemium model, I think it would certainly be an asset.   That's not to say that an iPad is a replacement for good parenting...
This is getting a little ridiculous...
  That, Sir, is a brilliant piece of writing! (No sarcasm intended)
Well it's about time that we be able to stream ou purchased music directly from iCloud.
While we could all discuss how valid the opinion if an analyst is ad infiniteum, it does raise bring something up I've been thinking about. Can we agree that the iPad 4th generation release was our of left field? Let us also suppose that the iPad is the only decent, emphasis on decent, tablet out there with proper manufacturer support, in terms of OS updates and user experience. If Apple starts revising its products more frequently than the annual basis we were use to...
So would this face print thing work in the context of photos taken and stored on a device? Or would it also ultimately be used to unlock a device? ie if the different sensors notice that the device is being moved from the pocket to being used, would it then unlock after face recognition?
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