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I love the new interface. Just one minor thing, has anybody figured out to separate the different seasons of a TV Show. The default setting for the expanded view is to take the colour from the first season's artwork, even if say the artwork is completely different for the second season.
I have just upgraded to Windows 8 and I use iTunes as my digital media centre. I would much rather they wait and release a proper version than something that's been hurried out the door.  
This is something I've never understood about the numbers that Apple quotes in heir keynotes, is it total number of iOS devices ever sold since 2007? Or those running actively? By actively, I mean checking for app updates through the store, or using safari, etc...and regardless of which version of iOS?
I'm really becoming disillusioned with Apple. I love my iPhone 4S (which I purchased at full price and not on contract) and I love iCloud and I also really like my new MacBook Pro. But is this really the best they can do? Sure, people will still queue for days to get their hands on this iPhone, but I certainly won't. What they've really announced is an upgraded iPhone 4S with an extra row of icons and a wireless technology that is no where near ready for mass use. I...
I never buy my iPhones on contract. I always pay the full price for the phone (the 4S is my second iPhone) because trying to get out of contract in the UK is nasty. There's no early exit fee of $300 and call it a day like in the USA; here we pay off the rest of the contract in full if we want to get out early.   Furthermore, I have a general rule about upgrades: when my iPhone no longer receives iOS updates or the phone becomes unbearable to use because the hardware...
Regardless of what is going to be announced on Wednesday, I wouldn't go near an iPhone 5 with 10 foot pole. I love my 4S and I honestly believe that it is the best phone they have ever designed. The two-tone design on the back is a mistake (or the best run hoax on Apple part ever, I hope). 4 inches of screen real estate is too much and if the photos that have leaked out are to be believed, it just looks like the iPhone has been horribly stretched.   That and the fact...
Yeah for me the update weighed in at 7.28MB
Talk about old news, these nifty cables have been in place at the Apple Stores in London and Glasgow for about 2.5 years...
I may be wrong, but I thought that there never was a public release of OSX Lion 10.7.1. Didn't Apple just go from 10.7.0 to 10.7.2 with the initial iCloud integration? Perhaps there pursuing a similar route here? This may also mean that the 10.8.1 is almost ready for public release, look out for it this week.
You can probably expect it on the App Store between 10:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M. Pacific Time. Might be best to wait a few days while the initial crowd downloads it.   On that topic, has anyone noticed a slow down in iTunes/Mac App store download speed over the last two weeks or so? I'm on a 30Mbps network and yet most of the time I get 0.5MB/sec. Both on Mac and PC.
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