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I have to agree that iTunes is a bad deal price wise. You get the occasional decent offer in the British store but they are few and far between. However, I have seen what happens when you have huge collection of physical media, and I want to embrace the cloud.
I know nothing about server related stuff, but surely it's a bit unrealistic to have every iTunes store customer depending on a server farm in North Carolina? Though on the other hand considering the traffic jam that we suffered through for iOS5, that may well be the case of how things are done at Apple.   However, very happy to finally see the "films in the cloud" feature activated for British iTunes accounts. I have been steadily replacing my collection with iTunes...
I'm not sure about this. I've only started using Apple products since 2009 with the iPhone 3G, now the proud owner of a 4S, but I've seen the keynotes and if I had to rank the presenters, I'd say the go like this:   1) Steve Jobs, I see what they mean by the reality distortion field. 2) Scott Forstall, I think his iOS 5 presentation was brilliant and the closest to the Steve Jobs effect I've ever seen. 3) Phil Schiller, but I don't feel like I need to buy what...
Is the growing number on the Apple website just a fancy animation or is it live? I could certainly use the equivalent of $10,000.
Yeah, it's impossible to say whether the iPad's iOS 3.2.x release was just meant as a temporary operating system before the iOS 4 upgrade or as a stand-alone. However, I'm inclined to think that it might be the former considering that Apple felt it necessary to write into their terms and conditions that all iPads would get an iOS 4.x release free of charge.
Haven't they always received two upgrades? I suppose I expected that the 3GS receive iOS5.
Just that if my memory serves (and I may be wrong), no iOS device has received more than two upgrades by which I mean major updates, e.g. iOS 3 to 4 for example and disregarding .x releases, from the iOS version they were originally brought to market on. Consider: iPhone 1st Gen: iOS 1.x - 3.x iPhone 3G: iOS 2.x - 4.x iPod 1st Gen: iOS 1.x - 3.x iPod 2nd Gen: iOS 2.x - 4.x Now I freely admit that I'm no expert, I'm actually a Windows user (probably in the minority here ),...
My guess is that the 3GS won't live past 5.1, remember that the 1st gen only got to 3.1.x. I would be very surprised if the 1st gen iPad got beyond iOS 5.2.x, it certainly won't get iOS6.
Never gonna happen, but wouldn't it be amazing...
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