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"We have him in our sight. The micro transmitter we implanted in his molar tooth works perfectly"
BenJ: How do you want to discuss these "emailed pictures"? As a private non-Apple related mock-up or as something leaked from Apple? I guarantee that if you chose the first option it will get a much better reception but its your choice
One of the few times I like Jobs personality.
I´m now officially in the same boat. But 17 inch? I have always seen that as overkill\
There are some "I WANT MY MBP15 INCH PIMPED OUT TO THE EXXXTREME, BEOCH"´ers out there who are gettig reeeeeally pissed right now...
Its released. www.apple.com WOOHOO. First post
If the South Park satire of family guy is any indication of how the show is I would say they are pretty much equal. If not then my response it ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FRIKKING MIND? THE SIMPSONS HAVE BEEN SUCKING FOR AT LEAST FIVE YEARS. NOTHING IN THE HISTORY OF TELEVISION BEFORE OR AFTER IN ALL OF TIMES HAVE BEEN/WILL BE WORSE THAN THAN PILE OF MANURE
Just one example: When I get my MacBook Pro I am taking my MacMini and placing it high on a shelve as a "home server" for files for the other computers to access. BUT I am also routing an audio cable to the bathroom for speakers so I can listen to internet radio and iTunes while in the bath. I will use Salling Clicker to control it (Salling Clikcer isn´t just for iTunes. If you can AppleScript it Salling Clicker can do it). Salling Clicker solves a very specific need I...
I´m with spline here. The ABS+"AirDrive" combo offers so little over a genuin MacMini (which is able to act as an ABS in itself) which in return is a computer in itself with all the flexibility that gives you. Probably there is a marked for an "AirDrive" but Apple can´t make everything just because a handful of people finds a need for it.
Gravitate. Mmmm. Taste good to mesh potatoes.
New Posts  All Forums: