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How does it perform on hills?
It's time me to fire 12,400 employees.
I have an iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 9.01 and my Notes app looks just like the old one. I don't see any of the drawing features or other features mentioned in this article. The bottom of the page does not have a selection of pens as seen in the figures above.
What I want most is the ability to paste plain text into notes. Often times clipboard text includes hyperlinks, bold, large fonts, etc and I don't want all that. Is this something the new notes can do?
My 6Plus has a slight bend in it. Probably from being in my front blue jeans pocket sometimes. I never put it in my back pocket. The problem of the 6Plus bending is real.
Can't wait to get my hands on a 16 GB iPhone! Not.
I thought Apple had a remote kill switch for each app installed on an any iPhone, should the need arise. This would seem to be a case where that feature would be used but there is no mention of Apple taking such a step.
It's so odd that Apple is doing a car.
iPhones are typically next to you, not the best place for an early alert smoke detector. A strategically located ceiling would be better.
My real credit card works literally everywhere. No problems. That Coin doesn't work in some places means you must bring real credit cards with you which means the Coin product is pointless.
New Posts  All Forums: