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A monthly bill for my wrist in addition to the monthly bill I am already paying for my pocket? No thanks.
They are breaking out the champagne at Samsung. Steal IP, make billions with it, then claim it's worthless. That apparently is a successful way to do business.
It businesses start using iBeacons like iSpam, people by the millions will start turning it off. Hopefully Apple has set up guidelines to discourage iSpam.
They should have taken the multi-billion dollar offers while they had the chance.
A month ago I had lunch with one of the founders of Oculus. I told him his company would be bought out by Microsoft. I never imagined Facebook would have any interest in this technology.
I don't see any icons of Tasmanian natives. This is racism. /s
For just $8 per month you can be denied access to the stories you want to read!
It touched a nerve because your book is fiction claiming to be fact.
Buying refurbished iPad 2's from Apple.com has been a good deal, around $200.
First 1TB drives appeared in 2007. Either way, we are nowhere near the petabyte drive which is a shame
New Posts  All Forums: