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It's deceiving to show the product with no wires when it requires, at a minimum, a power cord and a cable modem.
$500 for a drone that must be on a 26' tether and does not include a camera? They're dreaming.
Time heals all wounds. After these documentaries are gone and forgotten Steve will be remembered for his accomplishments more than his personality quirks.
If they couldn't get 99% of readers to accept Coin they should have abandoned the project.
I'm not seeing the Street View competitor panorama cam. Which part us it?
So much for the front camera flash rumor.
A cam is worthless without playback if you want real surveillance. $100/year per cam to play back video? I have 5 cameras and the Nest solution would me cost $500 year. That seems too steep.
Apple makes a whole bunch of prototypes each with slightly different features than the next, then they evaluate them all. That's what they did with iPhone 6. They made a variety of thicknesses and battery weights and chose the one that felt right with all trade-offs considered.
In other words Thunderbolt is on its way out and USB-C is the future.
I own an iPhone 6 Plus and have never touched an Android. Your stereotyping is laughable.
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