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It will be interesting to see if what happens wth future generations of iPhone. The screen size card has been played. Other things will have to be the draw. Hoping for a double camera in the iPhone 7 Plus. The 6 Plus is so awesome I may skip the iPhone 6S Plus, the first time I have skipped a model since the iPhone was introduced in 2007.
What!s next - a job at Victoria's Secret? His career is on an unpredictable course.
If they give away their content why would anyone ever spend money on the NYT? For their sake hopefully there is an advertisement business model built into this.
Sounds like someone at Discover flipped the bird to Apple pre-launch and is now kissing butt.
Will Apple Watch soon be illegal to wear while driving?
Say what? U.S. population growth is declining but the population overall is still increasing and will for decades.
So when will it be illegal to drive while wearing an Apple Watch?
I would call the most recent 3 Star Wars "infamous" rather than "legendary"
Why would someone buy this instead of using a DSLR?
I think the market for Swiss watches that have battery life longer than 18 hours is safe.
New Posts  All Forums: