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Charging nearly twice the normal online price for a movie widely-known to suck, doesn't seem to be a good marketing my move.
The new job is a huge step down from his days at Apple. Not the kind of career trajectory for him that one might expect.
This is like being bearish on Gillette because they are too dependent on razors.
The state doesn't have to "make up" for something they never had to begin with.
It's just liberal math
If Arizona wasn't so tax-friendly this facility would simply be in Texas. No loss out of Arizona tax payers' pocket in either case.
Some day the iPhone cash cow will end and Apple stock will return to Earth. I think it is a mistake to give away future financial reserves. Save it for when times are tough years from now. For all we know, interest on savings might be Apple's sole source of income some day. No company stays at the top of their game forever. That being said, Tim Cook is much smarter than this particular Apple fan so just ignore me
It's amazing how much rumor and speculation has been generated from a single photo of a van with gadgets on the top. I wouldn't be surprised if Samsung preemptively launches a Samsung Galaxy SmartVan before the year is out.
Steve Jobs was just as proud of the products he did NOT ship as the ones he did, even though the non-shipping products took years of development. Of course a few clunkers came out anyway. Sony should learn this lesson. Shipping crappy products diminishes your brand.
New Posts  All Forums: