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Perhaps Apple can switch to a Double Dutch Bus.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK9hK82r-AM
Next year will likely see the arrival of a larger iPad. Holding off until then.
After he was fired from JCP I predicted Ron Johnson would make a grand return to Apple. FAIL
I wish Sonos products were compatible with iTunes Radio. It would be nice to have a fallback if Pandora tanks.
Get a life
Looks like the biggest reason for Microsoft's plunge is that the definition of a Personal Computer has changed.
Well if their was any doubt that Schmidt was an opportunistic liar, here is your proof.
Great question.
Who said Scott hates Apple? The guy is unemployed and is a talented developer of world-class operating systems for high-end smartphones. I could see Bill & Co. making him a very lucrative offer.
Nice to see that the thousands of people who claimed Apple is breaking the law are now completely and officially wrong
New Posts  All Forums: