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Sounds kind of cool. The recharging every 2 days and $9/mo might be a hurdle though.
Be careful Apple. Obama might demand you be "fair" and distribute your cash to other businesses so all corporations are equal.
My iMessage is down now though worked fine last night. Several friends experienced same. This is WIDE spread.
Icahn just wants to make a quick profit. He does not care what actually happens over the long term to the companies he is investing in.
There is no need to quote the entire article, it is already listed above.
I ordered my iphone 5S from AT&T online at 12:01am September 20th when they first went on sale and it still had not arrived yet.
This is "shipping" vs "sales" all over again.
I'm surprised that IGB Gradiente lost their 2000 iPhone trademark exclusivity because another company made it famous years later. They should have settled for a few million dollars with Apple and walked away. Instead they swung for a home run and wiffed.
You're right. My bad. Sorry AppleInsider!
 I don't remember ever hearing that people actually wanted Apple to be in the wearable devices category. I thought there was just speculation that Apple might make something.
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