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Hopefully Apple follows Steve Jobs wishes and goes thermonuclear with this patent rather than just licensing it.
$5 for 250 megabytes of data? That sounds more like an hour-pass not a day-pass.
At work I used a Mac regularly from 1987 to 1994 but things have changed a lot since System 7, where my familiarity ends.
Everything you say is true. I have been seriously considering switching to Mac someday. I never even considered it until I became an iOS fan.
Windows is easy if you are used to it. I have used every version of Windows since 2.0. For me, Windows stopped being a pain with Windows 95. But with version 8 the change is so drastic I broke my streak and I didn't bother. Windows 7 is my home for the foreseeable future.
I wish iOS had native support for a bluetooth mouse specifically to control remote Windows desktops. Using Windows without a mouse is a pain.
What was the sales ratio of iPhone 5 and 4S during the last year? Was it also near 64% and 27% , like the iPhone 5S&C ? If so this is all smoke and no fire.
AOL bought Netscape for $4.2 billion
Yes, glad to see he is honest and didn't use the typical "they're not a threat, they're just validating our business model" line that CEOs use to describe new competition.
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