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Sounds like Bill & Company just cut someone a big check.
I'll wait for the 12" iPad in 2014
In phones and tablets Apple is a higher volume player than MS. Too bad Ballmer couldn't inject any realities in his speech. It was all "were doing great and our competitors suck."
This is outrageous. Demo your own invention, then patent it and have it invalidated because you demoed it prior to patenting it.
I don't know enough about his patent to judge the merits of his claim. But I doubt his patent was worth $1 billion.
I would like to see what data (about danger to the plane) the FAA used to ban electronic devices in the first place. Was the ban because of something real that could disrupt navigation or was the ban because of FUD?
Looks like the Education Dept didn't bother to test their "security" system. Fail.
Sounds great! I'll take a 12" gold iPad to go, please. Hopefully it includes iOS 8, with a whole new look, because iOS 7 is ugly as sin.
Great. Now my private 727 jet will have less downtime.
 Good point. Perhaps I was harsh.
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