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 Great article. FYI natural gas is not considered a renewable resource.
I have the iPad 2. All full-sized tablets released after the iPad 2 are noticeably heavier so I haven't bothered to upgrade. It looks like the next full-sized iPad will finally go lighter instead of heavier than the iPad 2. I have been buying refurbished iPad 2's for family members. It's the best deal.
Compare all the built-in apps to their iOS 6 counterparts.
I have owned every model of iPhone ever made except the iPhone 5C. I always loved iOS and it got better with each new version. I hate iOS 7 because of the look. The new flat interface is terrible. Graphics are gone, everything is white. Everything looks like a cheap web interface. I love Apple but I hope Jony Ive gets a wake-up call. He's great but made a very ugly GUI. Everyone I know hates the look too. I hope Jony can correct his mistake.
iOS 7 is ugly and awkward. The look of iOS 6 is far superior.
Hopefully Apple follows Steve Jobs wishes and goes thermonuclear with this patent rather than just licensing it.
$5 for 250 megabytes of data? That sounds more like an hour-pass not a day-pass.
At work I used a Mac regularly from 1987 to 1994 but things have changed a lot since System 7, where my familiarity ends.
Everything you say is true. I have been seriously considering switching to Mac someday. I never even considered it until I became an iOS fan.
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