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The iWatch rumor has got all the tech giants in a panic.
What a contrast: The fingerprint scanner is another example of Apple innovation that will change the way the world communicates. Samsung on the other hand is focused on creating expensive, ugly watches that no one will buy.
 The courts never ruled that Microsoft secured (obtained) their monopoly illegally. Microsoft got blasted for abusing monopoly power.
I don't quite understand the layout. Some photos show a glass roof and others show an opaque roof.
Great article DED. I give Microsoft more credit for their past success than you do, though. Saying Microsoft "simply won by cheating, erecting a monopoly where nobody else could actually play" ignores the brilliant moves by Gates and the hard work his employees accomplished to become king of the PC hill (for a few decades anyway).
 I don't believe your accusation that WSJ has a specific agenda to limit sales of the new iPhone.
So glad that Apple refuses to let carriers pre-install junkware on iPhones.
The watch is nearly 1/2 inch thick and has flat-head screws on the front. From an aesthetic and battery life point of view it seems like something from the 1990's.
No fingerprint sensor in the Note 3. This is entire thread is moot. Move along...
If Apple's competitors have perpetual licenses to Nuance technology then buying the company doesn't make a lot of sense.
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