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Perhaps he joined Paul McCartney in Heaven.
 Actually, with these new apps, people still need to pick up the phone. They just don't have to make a voice call.
When the people who buried it are still around it makes the whole concept of a time capsule ridiculous.
iPhone 6 Air & Pro?
Making $50,000 per day is so painful. My sympathies.
Samsung murdered its parents and is now complaining about being an orphan.
It's not as big a loss as it seems. Below is a quote from the NYT though you also need to factor in the annual Motorola losses. "When Google bought Motorola, the hardware maker had about $3 billion in cash on hand and nearly $1 billion in tax credits. So that brings the original deal’s effective price down to about $8.5 billion. Then, Google sold Motorola’s set-top box business to Arris for nearly $2.4 billion. That lowers the effective price to roughly $6.1 billion. Now,...
Apple had very smart people who I am sure considered an acquisition and deemed it not worthy. Being bought-out does not validate a business model (though it can make shareholders rich).
What's great is now Apple can go on a two-year update cycle for the iPad. In odd years it will be the iPad Air. In even years it will be the iPad Pro. That gives more time for development of each product.
Why bother stockpiling patents and just keep stealing IP instead? That has been a pretty successful strategy so far.
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