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Well if their was any doubt that Schmidt was an opportunistic liar, here is your proof.
Great question.
Who said Scott hates Apple? The guy is unemployed and is a talented developer of world-class operating systems for high-end smartphones. I could see Bill & Co. making him a very lucrative offer.
Nice to see that the thousands of people who claimed Apple is breaking the law are now completely and officially wrong
I predict Scott Forstall will be hired as the VP of Software for Windows Phone & Surface.
It didn't. ALWAYS use a sarcasm tag. There are many extreme comments in this forum that are easily confused with sarcasm.
Loved revisiting the video of the original iPhone launch. Boy do I miss Steve Jobs. What a staggering loss to the world (2 year anniversary is tomorrow).
Next month Samsung will probably refresh all their watches in the color gold - to ride the coattails of the popular iPhone 5S color - and they still won't sell.
When will they update their app to let you access your Netflix DVD queue?
Sounds kind of cool. The recharging every 2 days and $9/mo might be a hurdle though.
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