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A Gold release of an OS is really just the last Beta.
I suppose they have to say that at this point. Next year, after being clobbered by the iPad 5, they'll drop RT and go with the Pro only.
 Blackberry did not have the ability to compete with Apple. Once Apple set their sights on the smartphone market, Blackberry was dead.
Just before launch of the new surface tablets Apple will announce an all new iPad, thinner, lighter & faster than Surface and with Touch ID.
It was interesting to read the Apple Hater reactions on CNET. They fell in to 2 categories: insults ("iSheep", "9 million idiots"" etc) and denial ("9 million divided by TWO new phones = 4.5 million each, less than last year!", "Without the addition of China on launch day they would have sold less than last year!" etc)
The point is that the old iphone 5 did not have the LTE chip for the new China carrier that is going to be selling the iphone. So instead of now selling a $100-less iphone 5 that is incompatible with the wotld's largest carrier, they can sell the $100-less iphone 5c which is compatible.
I was the same way until my iPhone was stolen and the thief had access to all my data & emails.
 A thief does not care about your data. He wants to sell your hardware.
We miss you, Steve.
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