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I was the same way until my iPhone was stolen and the thief had access to all my data & emails.
 A thief does not care about your data. He wants to sell your hardware.
We miss you, Steve.
I don't quite understand the gold color obsession. It will be covered up by the case.
Fail! I tried to order an iPhone 5s in the online Apple Store and it said I couldn't because the billing address I use at AT&T is a P.O. Box and I have no option to change it and no option for store pickup.
 My point is that I want to track the phone immediately and get it BACK into my possession. It doesn't mean a whole lot to me if my iPhone is in the trash can outside of the home of some thief that couldn't activate it. Hopefully thieves will find the new safeguards to be a deterrent.
With iOS 7 you can still power off anyone's locked iPhone without needing to enter a password. This disables Find My iPhone in the critical minutes after a theft.
Didn't know that. Wow. Thank god.
Not surprised that youth is impressed. The iOS 7 color scheme is something only a teen girl could love.
How about synching iOS contacts with Windows? I would love to stop maintaining a separate set of contacts for Thunderbird. Or perhaps there is a way to do this already?
New Posts  All Forums: