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Yet you clicked on the article and commented on it
Sounds fantastic... $50/$100 is a lot though for something after dies in 2 years. "Coin" wouldn't be my first choice of name because it has nothing to do with a coin, something like MetaCard would have been better. I love the dude in the video.
What a fuster cluck.
Somehow I don't think there will be a stampede of people ready to pay $200 for a 3-pack of light bulbs.
It's a stretch to refer to Google's motion tracker as a "response" to Apple's, since it was under development at the same time as Apple's, but I know what your sayin'.
I am surprised a single person blew $300 for one of these things.
Remember, the larger-screen iPad Pro with Touch ID is coming in 2014 !!
Larger screen!
The new naming convention sets us up for a 12-inch? "iPad Pro" next year.
The iPad 2 is significantly lighter than the iPad 3/4, which is important to a lot of people. And you can buy it for around $200 refurbished from Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: