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Windows 8 marketshare gains are because it is pre-installed on new Windows PCs. New PC buyers have no choice. The Win8 upgrade paints a different picture. Win8 is no Win7.
Of course they have. But they were not the hot topic in tech news (on sites like AppleInsider/CNET etc) until the iWatch rumor appeared. That was my point.
Love it. That's the comment of the day.
We never heard a word about smart watches. Then a rumor arrives that Apple is making one. Suddenly Samsung and Google are frantically trying to make one. And after the iWatch is released, Samsung and Google will throw out their designs and will copy the iWatch.
Too bad Pandora had to lie. They dropped the limits because of impending competition.
Maps happened under Cook and MobileMe happened under Jobs. Sh*t happens regardless of who is CEO.
Steve Jobs sold 1.5 million shares in 1997. How much would that be worth today? http://news.cnet.com/2100-1023-202239.html
Sadly, judges ignore Apple's iPhone patents and let others freely copy the technology.
Apple should now declare Apple's wearable products to be called "Galaxy Gear." And when Samsung sues Apple should tell them to "innovate, not litigate."
Does this mean they are going to compete with Tunein?
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