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What's great is now Apple can go on a two-year update cycle for the iPad. In odd years it will be the iPad Air. In even years it will be the iPad Pro. That gives more time for development of each product.
Why bother stockpiling patents and just keep stealing IP instead? That has been a pretty successful strategy so far.
Glad to see they put the battery indicator lights on the bottom. With previous models they were on the side, always lit up while charging, and were so bright they light up an entire room at night which is a problem if it is on your nightstand.
The last thing I want to do is shove a smartphone against my eyeball every time I want to use the smartphone. I am sure Apple considered and discarded the idea.
Not a meltdown. Without a script he couldn't continue and politely walked off the stage.
Ethnicity is irrelevant. Experience, regardless of gender or race, is all that matters in a board.
The royalty rates were all negotiated by the music industry as I understand it. So I don't see how they are a victim here.
Things are so bad at Blackberry they aren't even mentioned anymore.
Glad to read Apple will stick with the one-handed-use design principle.
You're right. Sorry. Missed that news!
New Posts  All Forums: