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I live in Santa Barbara, California. Several people I know bought the iPhone 1, myself included. The original iPhone took 74 days to sell a million and had sold 10 million by day 365. The iPhone 6/+ sells 800,000+ per day.
When the iPhone was announced many people I know said they couldn't wait to buy one. Each successive version there was similar chatter. I don't know a single person who has said they are interested in the Apple Watch. I hope this product does well.
All these Applw Car rumors started with the photo of a van. I expect Samsung to launch a car in the fall.
Still waiting for password protected power-off. The first thing thieves do is shut it off so tracking is unavailable.
Things have certainly changed since that "1984" Superbowl commercial
 Say what? Gorilla Glass breaks so easily there is an entire industry setup to repair damaged screens. I had a iphone fall 2 feet off a chair and the screen cracked. Gorilla Glass is fragile.
Congratulations Steve Jobs. You built one heck of a great company.
 They also switched from Motorola 68000 to PowerPC
T-Mobile's offering is the real deal. AT&T's offering is a wax dummy.
I love Apple but can't see a huge demand for the iwatch when people have their iPhone with them already that does more.
New Posts  All Forums: