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Near-PS3 speed won't cut it in a PS4 gaming world.
Good point
Comparing 8.x to 4.1-4.4 doesn't seem to be fair. Why not just compare 8.x to 4.x?
Id love to hear the details of what Cook thinks is wrong with the Isaacson biography. Chapter by chapter.
I never thought I would miss Ashton Kutcher
Best Buy and CVS are looking like they missed the parade.
Some people want watches with weeks or months of battery life. I think the Swiss will retain those customers.
Is "poaching" employees illegal? I would think that it is just capitalism in action: offering higher paying jobs to people currently employed elsewhere.
You might be right. I had no interest in the iPad 1 and now own an iPad 2 & 3
I wish Apple luck. I have ownerd every model iPhone ever made yet have no interest at all in the watch. Hopefully I am not the norm.
New Posts  All Forums: