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I never thought I would miss Ashton Kutcher
Best Buy and CVS are looking like they missed the parade.
Some people want watches with weeks or months of battery life. I think the Swiss will retain those customers.
Is "poaching" employees illegal? I would think that it is just capitalism in action: offering higher paying jobs to people currently employed elsewhere.
You might be right. I had no interest in the iPad 1 and now own an iPad 2 & 3
I wish Apple luck. I have ownerd every model iPhone ever made yet have no interest at all in the watch. Hopefully I am not the norm.
Charging nearly twice the normal online price for a movie widely-known to suck, doesn't seem to be a good marketing my move.
The new job is a huge step down from his days at Apple. Not the kind of career trajectory for him that one might expect.
This is like being bearish on Gillette because they are too dependent on razors.
New Posts  All Forums: