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Apple is going to make serious extra coin with 25% sales being the Plus and the 64GB carrot for both models.
It's funny how they make the standard iPhone photo look like crap if you are not using their product.
WordPerfect was years late to the DOS-to-Windows transition and Word took over. Now Word is years late to the Windows-to-iOS transition with a worthy competitor firmly entrenched. Not saying Office will disappear but the parallels are interesting.
Serious major bummer.
They applied for the mark in May 2007 months after Jobs announced the iPhone.
Unfortunately if I switch from my 10gb plan to the lower cost 6GB (formerly 4GB) plan, AT&T increases the monthly fee for each of my family's 2 phones from $15/mo to $25/mo. The net result is my bill drops by just $2.50 per month when you switch from 10GB to 6GB. Not worth it.
Samsung is also slowly losng Apple's iohone components business, More billions gone.
When the CurrentC app is submitted for App Store approval Apple should deny it.
If Apple Pay takes off, Walmart, CVS, etc. will scramble to adopt it and will use this same quote again at that time: "Ultimately, what matters is that consumers have a payment option that is widely accepted, secure and developed with their best interests in mind."
2 out of 3 (the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus) ain't bad.
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