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Sadly even if Kodak had successfully switched from film to become king of digital cameras, they would still be dying today because smartphones are killing that market. The oil industry had a near-death experience when light bulbs replaced kerosene oil lamps but the invention of the automobile saved the day. Unfortunately for Kodak there is no new use for film.
"only one device could be used at a time to stream live TV programs" That kills it right there.
I get that Nuance is just the "easy" voice recognition part of the equation, that's for sure. But it would be a lot harder on Siri competitors if they had no access to Nuance technology.
Why didn't Apple buy Nuance? Apple knew that after they launched Siri all their competitors would start using Nuance to compete with them.
My iPhone 4 fell 3 feet from my pocket and the screen completely shattered. My iPhone 4S screen came in contact with my keys in my pocket and now has a permanent scratch across it. In real-world conditions Gorilla Glass is extremely fragile. All these claims of strength are a bunch of B.S.
Steve was the man. He changed the world. We miss you.
You're right! I forgot about that.
In that interview with Balmer he was referring to the iPhone when it was priced at $600. He was right (gasp!) in that sense. $600 was too high a price for high volume sales. That's what he laughed about. He quickly stopped laughing when AT&T subsidized the iPhone and Apple lowered the price to $200.
I owned that phone. It had the worst interface of any phone I have ever owned. Nightmarish garbage. I was shocked at how much worse it was than the Palm OS Treos I had used before it.To answer your question: forever.
Apple announces the iPhone in January 2007 and Microsoft doesn't have a meeting about it until December 2008???
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