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10% of Apple is worth way more than $2.6 billion. 10% of Apple today is worth something in the neighborhood of $30 billion
Nice to see bad karma come back to haunt HTC.
Fortunately she will never read the whining in this blog.
In general, board members are product-agnostic and are frequently on the board of many companies at the same time. This is a non-issue.
If Mundie actually believed in their "Siri-like" capabilities he would've been marketing the hell out of it for the last year. But he doesn't, so he didn't. Marketing by whining is not effective.
Apple licenses the trademark "iOS" from Cisco which has owned the trademark for two decades. Seeing that iosgames.com was registered in 2009 the odds of the domain owners keeping it are slim to none.
Because that will create a gold rush of people buying Apple-related domains, hoping to cash in, making Apple's domain problem exponentially worse.
I registered aple.com in 1996 and sold it for $20,000 in 2008 to some guy. I had never done anything with it, I just liked owning a 4-letter domain name which are hard to come by. The domain did get a TON of traffic, however. After buying it from me the guy put Apple-related ads on aple.com and I recently noticed that Apple now owns the domain. I probably would have lost it eventually so I am extremely fortunate to have that outcome. Ironically, the money I made will...
Sounds like another nail was just pounded into the HTC Android coffin. I bet they regret spending tens of millions for the S3 patents.
Sounds like the exact opposite of what Sculley did during his years at Apple.
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