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They have not tarnished their credibility at all. This is a rumor site. They publish rumors even if they might be false.
I applaud Apple's action if for no other reason than to help mini-Steve avoid the same awful fate as my niece's Barbie dolls: headless and covered with dog teeth marks.
Cool info! I read that LTE can offer 326 Mbps while LTE-Advanced can offer 1200 Mbps (1.2 Gbps). Your mileage may vary.
Kodak came out with one of the very first personal digital cameras. I owned the Kodak DC-40 in 1996. They had a window there to dominate the digital camera market. Not sure why they didn't.
Piracy has always been there. Bill Gates wrote blistering letters to pirates as far back as the mid-1970's (pre-DOS days).
That seems odd. Microsoft buys Skype for $8 billion then releases their first Nokia phone that can't make video Skype calls. If Android gets seriously damaged by IP lawsuits from Apple & Oracle, Microsoft has a good chance of being big player here.
I totally feel the same way. It feels strange not hearing announcements from Steve, future predictions or a battle cry toward a competitor. There is just a sad silence.
Perhaps Steve was just buying IBM a Wild Turkey?
"An unverified report out of the Far East claims..." Full stop. Next article.
In the short term it appears Apple strategy is a losing one but over time they may win very very big if Android is found to be stealing IP.
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