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In the 1990's Larry Ellison was actively campaigning to replace shrink-wrapped boxed software with all-Internet distributed software. Slow modems made that unrealistic. It took awhile but it now looks like we are starting to get there.
Sounds like a mixed message. They're betting on Windows 8 and WebOS - which one is the public supposed to buy? 2013 will be a tough time to launch a new tablet - iPad will be in its 4th generation!
Apple is the anti-Amazon, who sells hardware for near-break-even and tries to profit on the services.
The only way the TV industry will change in any significant way is if Apple launches a "Jesus" TV that obliterates the market.
Interesting that the critics hate the building that will become an instant icon and admired around the world.
I can't believe Apple would overlook something like that when buying the iPad trademark from Proview. I'd like to see the agreement.
Google founders will give away their biography for free and include an advertisement on every page.
It's amazing that nearly 5 years after Apple raised the bar and showed the world quality touch interfaces and hardware, other companies continue to make touch products that they know are junk. I actually thought Bezos is the one guy who could demand a quality tablet from his engineers. I'm very surprised that Bezos green lighted the Fire when he undoubtably knew from testing that the 7" platform doesn't work. More than ever, I appreciate Apple's unique talent in the...
How can Dell kill something that was already dead?
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