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The U.S. should create a "competitive manufacturing zone" without minimum wage, unions or oppressive taxes so that companies can start building things here.
USA Today has the best news app for iPad. Fox News, CNN and The Daily need to simplify like USA Today
Given that they talk about betting the company on consumer electronics (Windows Phone & Windows 8 tablets) this seems odd.
Oil companies have had larger earnings so the "history of the world" suggestion is incorrect. But I do appreciate your enthusiasm!
Better late than too early like the PlayBook.
Yup. I never understood their decision to rush the PlayBook out the door and without native email capability. Sadly, even if they hadn't rushed it, it probably still would have failed.
I am not implying that at all. Though he did not like the campaign at first, the fact that he ultimately chose to go with it is what matters. Steve was far from perfect but he did get this one right. That's what I meant to say.
Those are your words not mine.
Bottom line is that Steve green lighted a hugely successful campaign. End of story.
Occupy has made the news but I have never read about any change/impact as a result of their protests. Exactly what impact are you referring too?
New Posts  All Forums: