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I read that the data was stored in a log file but not actually transmitted from the phone.
Cheap Blizzards for all!!
Exactly. That part of the article makes no sense. Steve Jobs was the active CEO when the patent was offered to Samsung.
In 1997 tablets looked very different from today's iPad.
Robbing a bank, the ignorant people understand. Robbing a design, they're clueless.
Part of competing is defending your intellectual property in court. If you don't defend yourself everyone just copies you without doing any research of their own. To suggest that defending ones intellectual property is anti-competitive is nonsense from people who don't understand the concept research and development. Should you ever spend a significant amount of time and money creating something, you'll understand the concept of intellectual property the moment someone...
The average intelligence and civility of comments in this forum is extremely high. When a reply like yours fails in both categories at the same time, it is noteworthy.
How utterly bogus
He didn't say Samsung wound go broke. He said he hopes Samsung learns a lesson [to stop stealing IP]. Your insult right back at ya buddy.
Microsoft's Mundie should take lessons from Whitman in how to speak honestly.
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