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Giving the PERSON of the Year award to groups & causes waters down the whole purpose for the award. Yes, protests were big news and important but that is totally unrelated to the PERSON of the Year award. This is as offtrack as People magazine deciding to give the "Sexiest Man Alive" award to "The Protester." Time's desire to sell more copies of the magazine has made this award meaningless.
Now they can set the plane on autopilot and play Angry Birds HD. That's a fun job.
It's about time
While at Best Buy yesterday I saw a Kindle Fire for the first time. Oddly it was configured so you can't really do anything with it. Every time you tried to browse the web it instead fired up a demo slide show explaining how the great the web browser is but it wouldn't let you actually do anything. I tried firing up apps on the home screen and it took you to a demo slide show explaining how great apps are but it wouldn't actually let you do anything. Another problem was...
In the 1990's Larry Ellison was actively campaigning to replace shrink-wrapped boxed software with all-Internet distributed software. Slow modems made that unrealistic. It took awhile but it now looks like we are starting to get there.
Sounds like a mixed message. They're betting on Windows 8 and WebOS - which one is the public supposed to buy? 2013 will be a tough time to launch a new tablet - iPad will be in its 4th generation!
Apple is the anti-Amazon, who sells hardware for near-break-even and tries to profit on the services.
The only way the TV industry will change in any significant way is if Apple launches a "Jesus" TV that obliterates the market.
Interesting that the critics hate the building that will become an instant icon and admired around the world.
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