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I can't believe Apple would overlook something like that when buying the iPad trademark from Proview. I'd like to see the agreement.
Google founders will give away their biography for free and include an advertisement on every page.
It's amazing that nearly 5 years after Apple raised the bar and showed the world quality touch interfaces and hardware, other companies continue to make touch products that they know are junk. I actually thought Bezos is the one guy who could demand a quality tablet from his engineers. I'm very surprised that Bezos green lighted the Fire when he undoubtably knew from testing that the 7" platform doesn't work. More than ever, I appreciate Apple's unique talent in the...
How can Dell kill something that was already dead?
I read that the data was stored in a log file but not actually transmitted from the phone.
Cheap Blizzards for all!!
Exactly. That part of the article makes no sense. Steve Jobs was the active CEO when the patent was offered to Samsung.
In 1997 tablets looked very different from today's iPad.
Robbing a bank, the ignorant people understand. Robbing a design, they're clueless.
Part of competing is defending your intellectual property in court. If you don't defend yourself everyone just copies you without doing any research of their own. To suggest that defending ones intellectual property is anti-competitive is nonsense from people who don't understand the concept research and development. Should you ever spend a significant amount of time and money creating something, you'll understand the concept of intellectual property the moment someone...
New Posts  All Forums: