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"Windows everywhere without compromise" is Microsoft's slogan yet Windows 8 tablets based on the ARM architecture will not run traditional x86 applications. It's time to ditch the slogan.
You are 100% right on that one. And Jony Ive most closely resembles Steve's heart and passion for products. People should watch and listen to Jony's October 19th Steve Jobs memorial speech. It starts at the 48 minute point. Part of Steve is still alive in Jony.http://www.apple.com/celebrating-steve
He is doing what Steve did, continuously making improvements and adjustments. No where did I read that he was making the kind of overhaul that you are suggesting.
Tim Cook is no John Sculley. Steve worked side-by side with Tim for 13 years, grooming him and trusting him. Same story with Jony Ive, the world's premier product designer, and marketing manager Phil Schiller. Software guru Scott Forstall goes back even further with Steve, to the NeXT days. Steve hand-picked these people (and others) to carry on his legacy. Let's give them a chance.
"HTC tops Apple in Q3 US smartphones using Apple's technology"
Every product you mentioned was created while Steve Jobs was CEO. He wasn't a perfect batter but he hit a lot of grand slams.
Including MobileMe which was launched too soon and was buggy. It's better to be late than lame.
What do other sources show in their data?
I'd rather the public complain about it being late than complain about an unfinished product launched too soon.
Jony Ive will be carrying the Steve Jobs torch and will do very well.
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