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Only in the life of Steve Jobs would one's "wilderness years" include revolutionizing the movie industry and become a billionaire - before getting back to work.
Yamada doesn't understand that not allowing carriers to change the iPhone is a big part of the reason the iPhone is popular.
Apple has received world wide acclaim for its current iPad form factor and Steve Jobs unambiguously stated that the 7" form factor sucks. So this "new information" is highly suspect.
Unlikely. Minority Report was released to movie theaters in 2002. PrimeSense, the Israeli company that developed Kinect, was founded in 2005.
How much of NeXT-created software actually made it into the Mac? I read somewhere that the Mach kernel was the main thing ported over, but that wasn't made by NeXT.
Chambers need only say Steve was right. The complaining was unnecessary.
I certainly hope Sony DOES beat Apple to the next generation of connected TV set. That way they can't quickly copy what Steve & Co. have done to revolutionize yet another industry.
Good call.
I love it when stories include pictures of Steve.
Apparently no story is immune to negative feedback, not even an article about Apple giving money to charities.
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