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The average intelligence and civility of comments in this forum is extremely high. When a reply like yours fails in both categories at the same time, it is noteworthy.
How utterly bogus
He didn't say Samsung wound go broke. He said he hopes Samsung learns a lesson [to stop stealing IP]. Your insult right back at ya buddy.
Microsoft's Mundie should take lessons from Whitman in how to speak honestly.
It might strong in the lab but in my experience Gorilla Glass is extremely fragile in real-world conditions.My iPhone 4 slipped out of my pocket, dropped about 3 feet and the glass completely shattered on impact with the ground. It cost me $200 to replace the front screen.My month-old iPhone 4S has several permanent scratches on the front and back glass. I have never dropped it.
Now Samsung is free to have zero sales in Australia.
Of course. That is common knowledge at AppleInsider.
It will be REALLY hard to match Siri's functionality. There is decades of research behind it and probably some important patents.
Sounds like the first good decision Microsoft has made in awhile.
New Posts  All Forums: