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Ah.. I see the issue more clearly now. Thanks for pointing it out. The word "free" can create quite a headache! Sounds like all their free phones might soon become 99 cents.
The primary complaint in that case was the fact that the people were charged full sales tax on a phone that was "free." The full sales tax issue wouldn't go away if the price was changed from free to 99 cents so I am not sure the new 99 cent thing is related to that case.
Trim the eyebrows, add some stubble and we're done.
Give Tucci a gallon of Rogaine to pull off the young SJ?
Young Steve Jobs: Ashton Kutcher Old Steve Jobs: Daniel Day-Lewis Both-for-the-price-of-one: Christian Bale
The patent keeps talking about linking GPS coordinates to web pages and adding GPS coordinates to URLs. It seems to be very browser-specific. Would this cover apps? When a weather app shows the weather near me it is not using a browser.
Apple likes to control every aspect of their products. Buying AMD would let them own the chip at the heart of future Macs.
And in related news, McDonald's is sending their angry customers to Burger King...
I recently saw an ad for anti-virus for Android. It shocked me a little bit when I realized that Android users are stuck in the same malware nightmare world that PC users are. With my iPhone I had forgotten about such things. When I see an app I like I buy it. I don't worry about it possibly destroying my telephone.
New Posts  All Forums: