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Sounds like another nail was just pounded into the HTC Android coffin. I bet they regret spending tens of millions for the S3 patents.
Sounds like the exact opposite of what Sculley did during his years at Apple.
Ah.. I see the issue more clearly now. Thanks for pointing it out. The word "free" can create quite a headache! Sounds like all their free phones might soon become 99 cents.
The primary complaint in that case was the fact that the people were charged full sales tax on a phone that was "free." The full sales tax issue wouldn't go away if the price was changed from free to 99 cents so I am not sure the new 99 cent thing is related to that case.
Trim the eyebrows, add some stubble and we're done.
Give Tucci a gallon of Rogaine to pull off the young SJ?
Young Steve Jobs: Ashton Kutcher Old Steve Jobs: Daniel Day-Lewis Both-for-the-price-of-one: Christian Bale
The patent keeps talking about linking GPS coordinates to web pages and adding GPS coordinates to URLs. It seems to be very browser-specific. Would this cover apps? When a weather app shows the weather near me it is not using a browser.
Apple likes to control every aspect of their products. Buying AMD would let them own the chip at the heart of future Macs.
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