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And in related news, McDonald's is sending their angry customers to Burger King...
I recently saw an ad for anti-virus for Android. It shocked me a little bit when I realized that Android users are stuck in the same malware nightmare world that PC users are. With my iPhone I had forgotten about such things. When I see an app I like I buy it. I don't worry about it possibly destroying my telephone.
I was in that camp back in my days as a software engineer. I thought that the first Mac was more of a toy than a real computer ("where's the damn command line?!"). Steve Jobs: 1, Me: 0
Siri will go down in history as the beginning of a disruptive computer interface change on par with the creation of the GUI. It's too bad that Majel Barrett-Roddenberry wasn't alive to provide Siri's voice.
Didn't Palm trademark the name "Folio?"
Every person who ever did anything revolutionary (Lindbergh, Wright Brothers, Bell, Ford, Edison, Einstein, Darwin, Newton, etc) would find that their ideas/accomplishments arrived on the scene eventually with or without them. Your logic dismisses everyone who has ever done anything important.
Only in the life of Steve Jobs would one's "wilderness years" include revolutionizing the movie industry and become a billionaire - before getting back to work.
Yamada doesn't understand that not allowing carriers to change the iPhone is a big part of the reason the iPhone is popular.
Apple has received world wide acclaim for its current iPad form factor and Steve Jobs unambiguously stated that the 7" form factor sucks. So this "new information" is highly suspect.
Unlikely. Minority Report was released to movie theaters in 2002. PrimeSense, the Israeli company that developed Kinect, was founded in 2005.
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