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Good post. That pretty much sums up the situation.
Thanks for the inside look at the man and his company.
Thanks for the tip. I didn't know there was such a thing. I have now blocked the childish posters!
This article on the Apple-HTC suit lists many things in Android allegedly/slavishly stolen by Google. Scroll down get to see the bullet point list.http://androidandme.com/2010/03/news...er-20-patents/
As Tim Cook said "Steve, we will miss you forever."
Most informed people who follow Appleinsider know that Apple did not invent Siri. And no other phone has the quality and extensive integration of voice control that Siri brings to the iPhone. Yes, other phones have voice control but not in the class of Siri.
I hope that Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, as a final gift for his best friend Steve Jobs, goes thermonuclear with Google and also refuses to settle over stolen property inside Android.
Again, I am not a lawyer. I don't know legal strategy. Android is not a completely stolen product. Only parts of Android use patented Apple technology and patented Oracle technology.
Apple has a very talented legal team and they determined that this is the best way to start the war. It's like bombing the radar towers before you hit command & control. I am reasonable certain that the front lines will eventually arrive at Google's doorstep.
Your original question was "What did they steal exactly?" So I pointed that out to you in my previous post. Now you are asking a very different question. You are asking about Apple's legal strategy of attacking manufacturers instead of Google. Legal strategy is something I know nothing about. Apple's lawyers probably determined that the best way to attack Android was by going after the people who actually sell it. I don't know for sure.
New Posts  All Forums: