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You are right. Raise to Speak only works when already in a conversation. It does not work in any other circumstance for me. That's too bad. Let's hope that's fixed in iOS 5.x
Voice recognition is just one piece of the puzzle. Artificial intelligence interpreting and acting upon the recognized speech is what makes Siri so amazing.
While reading this column I raised my iPhone 4S to my face and spoke and Siri did not activate. And, yes, Raise To Speak was turned on in Settings. This feature has never worked for me.
Steve: 1, Adobe: 0
Steve: 1, Adobe: 0
Your response is strange. I didn't say Apple just wanted to give Adobe a hard time. I said Steve felt mobile is not proper the place for Flash. And it's not proper for the reasons you mentioned.
This is the first of what will be many things I wish Steve Jobs was around to see. Adobe certainly gave Steve a hard time for saying mobile is not the proper place for Flash. Glad they finally woke up and agreed with him.
Jony Ive is a terrific, charismatic & passionate speaker. He gets my vote to carry Steve's keynote torch.
I'll never count Microsoft out in the smartphone battle. If Android manufacturers get beaten badly enough in the courts they might all start calling Redmond. But there is no doubt Windows Phones are currently nowhere to be seen (except in Herald Square).
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