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Steve: 1, Adobe: 0
Your response is strange. I didn't say Apple just wanted to give Adobe a hard time. I said Steve felt mobile is not proper the place for Flash. And it's not proper for the reasons you mentioned.
This is the first of what will be many things I wish Steve Jobs was around to see. Adobe certainly gave Steve a hard time for saying mobile is not the proper place for Flash. Glad they finally woke up and agreed with him.
Jony Ive is a terrific, charismatic & passionate speaker. He gets my vote to carry Steve's keynote torch.
I'll never count Microsoft out in the smartphone battle. If Android manufacturers get beaten badly enough in the courts they might all start calling Redmond. But there is no doubt Windows Phones are currently nowhere to be seen (except in Herald Square).
Years ago I read that the way Amazon dealt with unionizing order-fulfillment centers was to shut down the centers.
I have been using 360 panorama as well. Let's hope that Apple's design is just as easy to use. History teaches me that it will probably be even better.
HTC won't be paying royalties to Apple. Apple wants Android to go down, down, down...
As I understand it Kindle Fire doesn't run the Android Marktetplace. They are treating it like an entirely new platform. Which means that Kindle Fire is not more fragmenting Android anymore than WebOS fragmented Android.
The Kindle Fire won't add to Android fragmentation because from the user's point of view it is not Android. It's looks and behaves like a proprietary platform.
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