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Theaters? That's really, really weird. This is not footage of Michael Jackson rehearsing for a concert.
They are already very wealthy (and deservedly so). Their love of Apple probably is what keeps them there, not more stock options.
Pretty cool. It doesn't have all those metal clamps like the Shanghai store does.
Apple is selling 5,000+ iPads an hour, 24 hours per day. It will be difficult to match that.
I think the $200 million Microsoft settlement was related to a different patent.
I am on record here, stating more than once, that the iPhone 4S would be the first model of iPhone I haven't owned. I quickly changed by mind when I tried Siri in the Apple store. In my opinion Siri is as big a leap forward as multi-touch was. I use Siri throughout the day, every day. It very tangibly makes my interaction with the iPhone easier.
I'm half way through, first book I have ever read on my iPad. I have followed Steve Jobs for more than 30 years yet most of the information in the book is completely new to me. I will miss Steve forever.
I find it hard to believe that Facebook will be getting into the OS & Office suite business. But I have been wrong before - like my prediction of next summer's iPhone
I hadn't considered that. I thought the iPhone 4S was delayed because iOS 5/iCloud wasn't ready.
I bet you an iTunes credit that it arrives in June!
New Posts  All Forums: