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Everyone wear blue jeans and black shirt! I still feel sad all day every day since Oct 5th. The loss of Steve Jobs is staggering.
This article talks about blocking iPhone/iPad in Netherlands (which was denied), not any Samsung products.
Surprisingly I felt heartened when I read this. Someone to possibly carry the torch.
Of course Google doesn't mention Android. They are being sued over Android and any revenue stream paints a bigger target on them.
Maybe Samsung will now be "more aggressive" about coming up with their own ideas and start to steal less. P.S. I miss Steve Jobs
That explains it!!
Steve was robbed of decades of productive life and his family lost decades of a husband and father. It was way too soon. I am so sad still and think about Steve Jobs all day every day. I have followed his life since 1978. I can't believe he is gone.
So many bogus analyst reports have suggested that iPad had only a 70%, 60%, or 50% tablet marketshare. It's nice to finally have a peek at reality (97%).
So many people complained in this forum when Apple released an upgraded phone instead of an all-new one. I have never seen such a collective online temper tantrum before. Glad to now see articles vindicating Apple completely. Again, Steve Jobs did the right thing, allowing another year with the same form factor for the huge accessories market. And not releasing a battery-guzzling LTE phone before the LTE chips were ready.
New Posts  All Forums: