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Your original question was "What did they steal exactly?" So I pointed that out to you in my previous post. Now you are asking a very different question. You are asking about Apple's legal strategy of attacking manufacturers instead of Google. Legal strategy is something I know nothing about. Apple's lawyers probably determined that the best way to attack Android was by going after the people who actually sell it. I don't know for sure.
I agree with you. Google did wholesale theft of Apple's technology. I just pointed that out because it seemed that some people think that Schmidt had been in the board for years before the iPhone announcement.
Schmidt joined Apple's board 4 months before the iPhone was announced.
Apple is attacking Android by proxy. Apple is suing hardware manufacturers for iphone ideas stolen by Google and incorporated into Android. This link lists 20 patent violations that Apple is suing HTC over. Most are Android violations by Google, some are HTC hardware violations. Courts have not yet ruled on all of these claims. Scroll down on the page to see details. http://androidandme.com/2010/03/news...er-20-patents/
Quote of the day
Maybe Taiwan should be alarmed that their companies are stealing rather than innovating.
Wow. Sounds great. I think I'll buy them out for $12 billion.
That's funny - and true
Alternate headline: "Samsung begs court to let them continue profiting from Apple's intellectual property."
I always thought he did it to keep stalkers from spotting him on the road.
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