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And in related news Apple announces iPhone no longer available on Verizon...
Buffet used to own a huge amount of Gillette until it was bought by P&G. Now he owns 2.7% of P&G.
Has a single human being ever lined up to buy an Android?
And in related news, bank robbers have started suing banks...
Gartner says, in 2011, the year the iPad 2 was launched, Apple's marketshare of the tablet market DROPPED 10% from 83% to 73%? And then will continue on a deep slide to 46% over the next 3 years? This is total nonsense.
This is Larry Ellison we are talking about here. It would be totally Larry to demand a complete injunction to scare the opposing party into agreeing to huge future royalties. But Larry is buddies with Mr. Jobs. Death to Android might be a gift to Steve.
Sad but quite likely true.
Not at all. In fact I believe that iPad markets share already exceeds 90% if you just consider tablets actually purchased by consumers.
Interesting business decision by Samsung: steal IP from your largest customer to hurt sales of the products you sell them parts for. Then sue your largest customer to block all sales of the products that you sell them parts for. Long term result: loss of largest customer.
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