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I have been following Steve Jobs since 1978 and feel so sad. What a huge loss to the world. Each day since October 5th feels like a bad dream that never ends. I still can hardly believe he's gone.
Not really. They are so big that they don't care if one Samsung division harms another.
Steve Jobs was working on the iPad for more than 5 years before it was released. I am pretty sure that Steve has been involved with products to be released 3 or 4 years from now.
Big-time ditto. I still struggle with it daily, if not hourly. And this is coming from a Windows guy (and iPhone fanatic).
Exactly. Letting other steal your technology is not a competitive move.
Everyone wear blue jeans and black shirt! I still feel sad all day every day since Oct 5th. The loss of Steve Jobs is staggering.
This article talks about blocking iPhone/iPad in Netherlands (which was denied), not any Samsung products.
Surprisingly I felt heartened when I read this. Someone to possibly carry the torch.
New Posts  All Forums: