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In that configuration if someone opens the door the chain will slide over and unlock.
In my opinion environmental groups should kiss the ground Apple walks on. Because they are one of the most environmentally friendly companies in the entire world.
The way things are headed, with the growing popularity of the Mac and iPad, in the next decade Apple might achieve majority market share of the personal computer. That's mind blowing.
"Macworld|iWorld" is an awkward name
Branding confusion at its worst. Do I have smart or smart-ready? Or do I have 4.0? And what will they call future generations of Bluetooth - "really smart?" "even smarter?"
The problem with large displays, combined with a case, is that it becomes nearly impossible to use one-handed, unless your thumb is freakishly long. I suppose this is, in part, why they added Siri!
I would love that.
This is great. The world-wide news media is talking about another possible product release, first mentioned today by Steve Jobs. Only he could pull that off from the after-world.
True. That quote from Steve might be several years old.
New Posts  All Forums: