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The problem with large displays, combined with a case, is that it becomes nearly impossible to use one-handed, unless your thumb is freakishly long. I suppose this is, in part, why they added Siri!
I would love that.
This is great. The world-wide news media is talking about another possible product release, first mentioned today by Steve Jobs. Only he could pull that off from the after-world.
True. That quote from Steve might be several years old.
Expect Samsung's entire line-up of HDTVs to copy the Apple TV within a year or so of its launch.
Yes, this is very surprising. Perhaps during 40+ interviews he let one slip. But as you say, I would think he would have an agreement to exclude future product references in the event Steve did let one slip.
I wonder if Steve would be still alive today if he had cancer surgery right away. From what I read on this site the cancer was just in his pancreas at the time of discovery in 2003 and had spread to other organs by time he had surgery 9 months later.
For some reason many people are more concerned about the upfront cost than the monthly fees.
The geek in me cringes at the thought of signing a contract for a 2-year-old phone like the 3GS but I totally understand why "free" would be popular.
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