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I agree with the ruling. I own a tiny HP notebook computer that is very thin *except* for a massive bulge in the back for the battery. The "thickest point" does indeed affect its portability.
I hadn't thought about it that way. You have made a very compelling argument for Thunderbolt's potential success.
I hope it does. I am all for discarding older standards (i.e. Flash).
Time will tell if the public prefers backward compatibility (USB 3.0) to higher speed (Thunderbolt). Superior technology is frequently slain by the ubiquitous.
Interesting article. In the last paragraph is says "Google bought MMI to prevent the worst for Google's strategy, not to make things better for everyone else."
Sounds extremely desperate and like Larry entered negotiations without any game plan or financial discipline. That's not leadership.
The iPad has only 68% of the tablet market? 95% is a much more accurate estimate.
A cooling fan on a tablet??? That nonsense aside, having full Windows available on a tablet in addition to a touch interface sounds like something the Windows community would love. I could see a Windows 8 tablet doing well if they can sell it for less than $500 and include a final version of the touch interface that doesn't suck. Microsoft clearly jumped the gun by demoing it pre-beta. That's the difference between Apple and everyone else: Apple first shows a product when...
Steve has set a long period of success in motion but eventually the absence of his genius will take its toll.
I was referring to hardware manufacturers. I agree consumers would not know or care what the chip is.
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