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For some reason many people are more concerned about the upfront cost than the monthly fees.
The geek in me cringes at the thought of signing a contract for a 2-year-old phone like the 3GS but I totally understand why "free" would be popular.
I completely agree.
As mythical as his accomplishments were, Steve Jobs was human. Humans make mistakes. He regretted his mistake too. It's sad that this mistake might have cost him his life. But he might not have survived even if he had surgery right away. Pancreatic cancer is dangerous in all forms.
I heard that the SIRI company that Apple bought has valuable patents. Supposedly a lot of fundamental AI research going back decades ended up in SIRI.
That's a Mac in Steve's lap not a TV
Wonderful. It will help us heal the wounds in our hearts. We miss you Steve.
Apple has been in business for 35 years. That is respectable long-term staying power.
New Posts  All Forums: