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Big-time ditto. I still struggle with it daily, if not hourly. And this is coming from a Windows guy (and iPhone fanatic).
Exactly. Letting other steal your technology is not a competitive move.
Everyone wear blue jeans and black shirt! I still feel sad all day every day since Oct 5th. The loss of Steve Jobs is staggering.
This article talks about blocking iPhone/iPad in Netherlands (which was denied), not any Samsung products.
Surprisingly I felt heartened when I read this. Someone to possibly carry the torch.
Of course Google doesn't mention Android. They are being sued over Android and any revenue stream paints a bigger target on them.
Maybe Samsung will now be "more aggressive" about coming up with their own ideas and start to steal less. P.S. I miss Steve Jobs
That explains it!!
Steve was robbed of decades of productive life and his family lost decades of a husband and father. It was way too soon. I am so sad still and think about Steve Jobs all day every day. I have followed his life since 1978. I can't believe he is gone.
New Posts  All Forums: