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Interesting business decision by Samsung: steal IP from your largest customer to hurt sales of the products you sell them parts for. Then sue your largest customer to block all sales of the products that you sell them parts for. Long term result: loss of largest customer.
The vast majority of readers never notice the grammar/typos in the first place. But you grammar cops then force them in our faces. And because AI writers are human there will always be grammar mistakes. They will NEVER go away. Announcements of grammar mistakes should be sent via private message to the author and not forced repeatedly on to readers.
Grammar cops are more irritating than typos.
Remove Al Gore from the board for revealing company secrets. As a board member it is his duty to keep quiet until products are released.
I'm sad. Even though he is no longer CEO I was hopng Steve Jobs would still be their presenter.
Samsung now wants to dig for gold even though history has shown that it is often more profitable to sell shovels. I'm guessing that losing Apple as their #1 "shovel" customer will be a huge mistake.
I bet the division of Samsung that makes parts for Apple really hates the division of Samsung that copies Apple's intellectual property. It's going to ultimately lead to Samsung's #1 customer going elsewhere for parts.
I have been using PC's since 1983 and Apple II & Commodore PET before that. I personally experienced nearly every transition from DOS 2.0 to Windows 7 (I started with Windows at version 2.0). Windows Vista was the first version of a Microsoft OS that I uninstalled and took back to the store. Windows 7 seemed to fix most of Vista's problems though I have several things I would still like to change if I could. My amazing iPhone has, for the first time, made me considering...
Microsoft transitioned quite well though the various stages of DOS and the made a successful leap to Windows where they transitioned smoothly from Windows 3.0 (the first real Windows) to 3.1 to Windows 95 to Windows 98 to Windows XP. In my experience Vista was their first transitional disaster.
Macs are historically more expensive than PCs so it is strange to hear PC makers say they can't match the Mac on price.
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