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Critics of the new Apple campus need to get a life. It is not a commercial Apple product. It's a building. Everyone who ever broke from the norm and successfully created something different, received similar criticism along the way.
You mean the beginning of the iPhone 6 rumors is finally in sight?
If Amazon markets it as a "color Kindle" and keeps the word "tablet" out of it, I think they could do alright.
What lawsuit?
At least Apple got the patent on the technology. That's far more important.
"supposed to be pretty poor" is a quote from Block, not Amazon.
And in related news Apple announces iPhone no longer available on Verizon...
Buffet used to own a huge amount of Gillette until it was bought by P&G. Now he owns 2.7% of P&G.
Has a single human being ever lined up to buy an Android?
New Posts  All Forums: