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That's a Mac in Steve's lap not a TV
Wonderful. It will help us heal the wounds in our hearts. We miss you Steve.
Apple has been in business for 35 years. That is respectable long-term staying power.
Not in the slightest. Lots of cash on hand gives Apple the ability to make large strategic purchases in the future. That ability helps Apple, shareholders and users of Apple products.
Apple is toast. I'm switching to Android.
Next quarter, when Apple announces record sales in every major category, and nearly $40 billion in revenue, all will be "forgiven."
I just read that whole story (thanks for sharing). Panic turned down a meeting with Apple and had no idea that Apple wanted to buy them and turn Audion into iTunes (note to self: never turn down meetings with Apple). Then, when they eventually did meet with Apple, they turned down job offers to join what became the iPod/iTunes team (note to self: when Apple asks to hire you, say yes).
This reminds me of Groupon rejecting a $6 BILLION offer from Google. Traffic to Groupon has since fallen off a cliff.
HTC paid $300 million for the now-invalidated S3 patents for protection against their theft of Apple's intellectual property. Sucks to be them!
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