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I would like to know the answer to that question as well.
iPhone 4S will be the fastest selling smartphone in history. There is your prediction. Call me a fool!
This upgrade is all about iCloud and iOS5. And it is free to everyone around the world. That is great news in my opinion. We're getting something for nothing! Sure, there was an upgrade to the iPhone 4 that lacked the "wow!" factor, but that is not as important as iCloud and iOS 5. I am very happy.
Exactly. This blog is being flooded today with Veruca Salt clones.
Exactly. Thank you for reminding people.
Guys like Balmer are not motivated by money any more. Balmer had enough money to retire by 1986. Steve Jobs was not motivated by money either. They like competing and trying to make their companies successful.
Apple never claimed that the prototype loss was the bar's fault so I'm not sure why you are rolling your eyes.
If there was ever a secret that was easy to keep it would be the status of Steve Jobs' attendance tomorrow. Any outsider "knowledge" of this is just a guess.
If their 5th generation iPhone is just a souped-up iPhone 4, why was Apple so upset about losing one in a bar earlier this year?
If there is indeed an iphone 4S there is no way there will be an iPhone 5. If they were the same price everyone would buy the 5. If doubt they would upgrade the 4 to a 4S and offer it as a cheaper alternative to a 5. Apple uses old models as the cheaper phone. Apple will launch one model: the iPhone 4S. And we will all skip it and wait until 2012 and buy the iPhone 5LTE.
New Posts  All Forums: