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I have been using PC's since 1983 and Apple II & Commodore PET before that. I personally experienced nearly every transition from DOS 2.0 to Windows 7 (I started with Windows at version 2.0). Windows Vista was the first version of a Microsoft OS that I uninstalled and took back to the store. Windows 7 seemed to fix most of Vista's problems though I have several things I would still like to change if I could. My amazing iPhone has, for the first time, made me considering...
Microsoft transitioned quite well though the various stages of DOS and the made a successful leap to Windows where they transitioned smoothly from Windows 3.0 (the first real Windows) to 3.1 to Windows 95 to Windows 98 to Windows XP. In my experience Vista was their first transitional disaster.
Macs are historically more expensive than PCs so it is strange to hear PC makers say they can't match the Mac on price.
Their research was to simply read AppleInsider.
One would think they would throttle the top 5% for 24 hours, not for an entire month. Their current plan will end up throttling way more than 5% simultaneously because they keep giving new groups of 5% a month-long throttle.
Because it was filed before June 8, 1995 the above paragraph makes it sound like the patent is good for 17 years from 2002 because "the longer term applies." So they have 8 more years, not 3.
I believe it is 20 years from the date granted so that would make the expiration date ... a problem for Android.
If patent 6,343,263 was filed in 1994 doesn't it expire in 3 years from now? If the Android industry can just appeal and stall for 3 years they are home free.
No matter how many lawsuits they file, Samsung cannot hide the fact that they have committed wholesale intellectual property theft.
Sounds like Apple is hiring jailbreakers to battle jailbreakers. Jailbreaking became a lot less interesting for many people when AT&T started cracking down on tethering.
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