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 I did go to the store and return the phone. The new one has the same problem, called "Touch ID fade" that supposedly 7.1 will fix. I even programmed all 5 slots with the same finger, but it didn't help. After a week or so the ability of iOS 7.0x to recognize a print starts fading away.
Touch ID fade has kept me from using it. Fails more than half the time starting a few days after I enter my fingerprints. Works great for the first few days.
I had completely stopped using touch ID because of the fade. Now after the recent SSL-fix update of iOS it seems to be working again.
"rarely seen backdrop" link gives a 404 error
SnapChat should have taken the multi-billion offer from Facebook. That door is now closed.
Perhaps he joined Paul McCartney in Heaven.
 Actually, with these new apps, people still need to pick up the phone. They just don't have to make a voice call.
When the people who buried it are still around it makes the whole concept of a time capsule ridiculous.
iPhone 6 Air & Pro?
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