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Nice. They make a demo video that doesn't even show the product being used.
Einhorn does not know what Apple's future plans are which Apple knows best what to do with their cash. Period.
Sad but true
Yet you clicked on the article and commented on it
Sounds fantastic... $50/$100 is a lot though for something after dies in 2 years. "Coin" wouldn't be my first choice of name because it has nothing to do with a coin, something like MetaCard would have been better. I love the dude in the video.
What a fuster cluck.
Somehow I don't think there will be a stampede of people ready to pay $200 for a 3-pack of light bulbs.
It's a stretch to refer to Google's motion tracker as a "response" to Apple's, since it was under development at the same time as Apple's, but I know what your sayin'.
I am surprised a single person blew $300 for one of these things.
Remember, the larger-screen iPad Pro with Touch ID is coming in 2014 !!
New Posts  All Forums: