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We'd love to hire you. You are brilliant and fully qualified for the position. The problem is with your skin color. We have exceeded our white quota. We'll let you know when more light skin positions become available. - Apple
Apple needs to require a password to power off an iphone. This is the first thing thieves do.
They should have a built-in "black box" system that records all commands and events so that there is never a question as to why copter did something unexpected. And built-in obstacle avoidance is a must. The copter should know if it is heading toward self-destruction and prevent it. I'll consider buying one when they have all of the above.
Interesting that most dont use a case in the spot.
In a few years there will be two smartphone markets: 1) Apple selling premium iPhones with a healthy profit, and 2) cheap, generic Android phones that make no profit. The Samsung brand will be just another drop in the Android ocean.
A Flir One plus a pistol might be the end of our gopher problems.
Samsung's smartphone revenue is in a free fall and switching to Tizen will only accelerate that process.
Attach the display to a real phone then drop it face down on a sharp rock from about 5 feet up. That's the kind of impact that shatters current screens easily.
You nailed it.
I have 6 Logitech Alert cameras saving recorded video to a $2/mo Google Drive account (for remote recorded playback and offsite storage) which is a much cheaper solution than Dropcam, which charges $10/mo/camera to playback any video. Both Dropcam and Logitech have great free apps for live video. Over time Dropcam can be more expensive than the burglary you are trying to prevent.
New Posts  All Forums: