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Looks like the biggest reason for Microsoft's plunge is that the definition of a Personal Computer has changed.
Well if their was any doubt that Schmidt was an opportunistic liar, here is your proof.
Great question.
Who said Scott hates Apple? The guy is unemployed and is a talented developer of world-class operating systems for high-end smartphones. I could see Bill & Co. making him a very lucrative offer.
Nice to see that the thousands of people who claimed Apple is breaking the law are now completely and officially wrong
I predict Scott Forstall will be hired as the VP of Software for Windows Phone & Surface.
It didn't. ALWAYS use a sarcasm tag. There are many extreme comments in this forum that are easily confused with sarcasm.
Loved revisiting the video of the original iPhone launch. Boy do I miss Steve Jobs. What a staggering loss to the world (2 year anniversary is tomorrow).
Next month Samsung will probably refresh all their watches in the color gold - to ride the coattails of the popular iPhone 5S color - and they still won't sell.
When will they update their app to let you access your Netflix DVD queue?
New Posts  All Forums: