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Nice story. I would have done the same.
Tim Cook will only stay as long as he enjoys what he does. Let's hope he stays. He is amazing.
I suppose Apple will pay him to repeatedly jailbreak IOS 5 so they can fix every hole he discovers. But brilliant kids are born every day and they will find new holes that he never spotted.
The only feature I want is multiple email signatures.
A few years from now (or sooner) Apple will launch an HDTV with innovative, patented features never seen before in a television even though competitors have had over 60 years to improve upon the TV. Shortly thereafter Samsung will copy all of these new features into their line of TV sets. And shortly after that many people will scream in this forum that those features were obvious and that Apple is evil for protecting their ideas. Let it be written. Let it be done.
I completely agree.
"IHS has increased Apple's expected share of the market this year from 64 to 74 percent" That's an interesting quote considering that Apple's market share already exceeds 90%.
A bank doesn't "settle" with the thief that robbed them, nor should Apple.
A job well done Steve. Congrats on a great career. Your achievements go down in history similar to that of Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and the like.
Part of this article seems to be missing. It begins a new paragraph with the word "The" and then stops.
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