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I agree. The protection of intellectual property is in the public interest because it provides incentive for companies to innovate. If anyone can copy your work without penalty, there is no incentive to create new products.
This would be a good time to revisit the May 31, 2011 Apple Insider story titled "Rolling Stone co-founder slams publishers for embracing Apple's iPad" http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...ples_ipad.html
Critics of the new Apple campus need to get a life. It is not a commercial Apple product. It's a building. Everyone who ever broke from the norm and successfully created something different, received similar criticism along the way.
You mean the beginning of the iPhone 6 rumors is finally in sight?
If Amazon markets it as a "color Kindle" and keeps the word "tablet" out of it, I think they could do alright.
What lawsuit?
At least Apple got the patent on the technology. That's far more important.
"supposed to be pretty poor" is a quote from Block, not Amazon.
And in related news Apple announces iPhone no longer available on Verizon...
Buffet used to own a huge amount of Gillette until it was bought by P&G. Now he owns 2.7% of P&G.
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