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Fromwhat I have read Apple does not restrict unreleased products to secure locations. They test them in real world situations (and sometimes lose them in bars).
I think you may have found a smoking gun...
All this talk of megapixels when a REAL FLASH is what the iPhone camera needs most. Whether 8 megapixels or 80 megapixels, photos will all look terrible at night (or in daylight contrast situations) with an LED "flash."
Hot-swappable clouds - that's mind blowing.
How much advance information about the iPhone (before the January 2007 intro) was Schmidt, as a board member, given? Has anyone ever read anything about that?
AppleInsider should remove the comments posted here that were made before they fixed the error. Most of the comments here are in response to something Schmidt never said.
Translation: "Please ignore everything our CEO told you."
So now PlayBook supports POP mail. You dont want that on a tablet. You want IMAP.
One of the greatest things Steve Jobs ever did was create a company that has a high likelihood of surviving without him. Many companies collapse as soon as their CEO leaves. In this case Apple is loaded up with CEO-class people in their various divisions. Tim Cook is such an immense talent and built much of what Apple is today. But the truth doesn't come out when times are great like they are now. The truth will come out when Apple hits a major crisis/inflection point...
I am having a tough time following this. I think it means this: Motorola's Freescale division sold their patents long ago, some of which Apple bought. And most of the patents Google just bought for $12 billion are dependent on those long-gone Freescale patents. Therefore Google is *more* liable because of buying Motorola?
New Posts  All Forums: