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I believe it is 20 years from the date granted so that would make the expiration date ... a problem for Android.
If patent 6,343,263 was filed in 1994 doesn't it expire in 3 years from now? If the Android industry can just appeal and stall for 3 years they are home free.
No matter how many lawsuits they file, Samsung cannot hide the fact that they have committed wholesale intellectual property theft.
Sounds like Apple is hiring jailbreakers to battle jailbreakers. Jailbreaking became a lot less interesting for many people when AT&T started cracking down on tethering.
I think the public will give Metro a nickname: "incompatible mode"
The "no rush" comment was just someone's opinion. In reality Apple is always moving full speed. They only delay things if the product is not yet meeting their high standards.
With that tiny screen I don't think the playbook will sell for $99. Maybe $49.99 as Island Hermit suggests. The question now is who will buy RIM? All they have left is IP. Everything else they own is dead or dying.
I totally agree. When I saw the demo I thought that the ability to run native Windows applications was the one thing that would differentiate Windows 8 from all the other tablets ("A tablet and full Windows desktop - all in one!"). Without that ability it will be DOA - unless it costs $99.Now I understand why the demo tablet had a fan. They crammed desktop hardware in there.Their slogan has been "Windows 8 Everywhere Without Compromise." That's totally false. They need to...
Hopefully iPhone 6 has LTE.
I agree with the ruling. I own a tiny HP notebook computer that is very thin *except* for a massive bulge in the back for the battery. The "thickest point" does indeed affect its portability.
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