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Will AT&T be able to detect that you are tethering an iPad to your iPhone using MyWi?
In my experience with others buying an iPhone, many people don't have a clue that models are refreshed every year - and don't care. They just know that Apple sells the iPhone and that they want one. Only geeks like us cringe at the thought of buying last year's model just before a refresh.
FYI personal computers were around when *fifty* year-olds were teenagers. Not all people over 40 are clueless.
An iPhone survived an airplane crash into the ocean, kept functioning in salt water conditions, and was able to communicate with a cell tower?
When it is dark and you are dealing with the real world where things move, long exposures are not an option. Nighttime photos with the LED flash are terrible and thus I can only use my iPhone for daytime shots. I use the ProHD app for many of my pictures to compensate for high-contrast situations but again that is not useful with your subject matter moves because the 2 merged photos blur.
Fromwhat I have read Apple does not restrict unreleased products to secure locations. They test them in real world situations (and sometimes lose them in bars).
I think you may have found a smoking gun...
All this talk of megapixels when a REAL FLASH is what the iPhone camera needs most. Whether 8 megapixels or 80 megapixels, photos will all look terrible at night (or in daylight contrast situations) with an LED "flash."
Hot-swappable clouds - that's mind blowing.
New Posts  All Forums: