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Maybe Cook will do a "one more thing" at the end of his presentation and have Steve Jobs walk on to the stage with an iPhone 5.
If Brazil wants "cheap Internet access for the poor" they should be using inexpensive locally-made PC clones, not iPads.
It takes a fearless frame of mind to even start a company like Psystar so it does not surprise me that they fearlessly battled (and lost) in court.
Everybody knows about Google, including you. And everybody knows that everybody knows about Google, apparently except you.
Now someone needs to raid Samsung and confiscate their fake iPhones.
As of June 8, 1995 patents last 20 years from the date they were filed.If a company spends time and money to develop an idea I believe they should have an exclusive period of time to profit from it. Without a period of exclusivity why bother inventing something? It would be much easier to just wait for another company to do all the work and then immediately cash in on the other company's idea.
Your response is inflammatory so I will ignore it.
I agree. The protection of intellectual property is in the public interest because it provides incentive for companies to innovate. If anyone can copy your work without penalty, there is no incentive to create new products.
This would be a good time to revisit the May 31, 2011 Apple Insider story titled "Rolling Stone co-founder slams publishers for embracing Apple's iPad" http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...ples_ipad.html
New Posts  All Forums: