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Nicely worded post. My feelings exactly.
I don't think I can emotionally say goodbye to Steve until I have read the book. He has so much yet to tell us.
The tech world feels adrift right now. The one person who could see the future and take us there is gone. But Steve has left a great team of innovators to continue his legacy so I am hoping for the best.
What's amazing about this book is the Steve Jobs specifically asked to not be allowed to see it in advance or influence the way it is written. And he wanted ex-girlfriends, people he fired, and others who might paint a less-than-flattering portrait of Mr. Jobs be interviewed as well. He was fearless - as always. He wanted authenticity more than praise. He started working on this book nearly 4 years ago when he knew he might not have long to live. And the 600+ page...
Oh my god. Not unexpected but still incredibly sad. Steve Jobs changed the world.
There was less cheering going on at this iPhone 4S event than any iPhone introduction in recent memory.
Engadget was fantastic. With so many photos it was almost like watching a live video feed.
Ironically, until last December the largest shareholder of Miramax was Steve Jobs.
How exactly is Apple hindering movie distribution with iTunes?
New Posts  All Forums: