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It's just not worth it. If I have to take a 10-15% restocking fee to get a refund, then I'll begrudgingly do that. I wasn't completely satisfied with the iMac anyway and I need something I'm truly happy with as I hope to have it for the next 3-5 years. The thing ran way too hot for my liking, especially the top left of the monitor. It's something I'd be constantly worried about. I wasn't doing anything intensive on it. I'd probably get a comparably priced Windows 7...
It might be better to take it on the chin with a restocking fee -- which I thought was 10%, not 15%. In any event, why would the restocking fee apply to a defective product? I could see if the thing didn't have a defect, but the defect is their problem and not mine. And I just bought it so it's well within the 14 day window. Once I looked into imac screen issues, they seem to occur at a rather alarming rate.
I bought a new iMac at the Apple Store yesterday, but quickly noticed a half inch or so long pinkish (or teal-ish) line on the screen that's visible mostly over white or lightly colored backgrounds. It's not big (yet), and you can't see it over darker backgrounds, but it obviously shouldn't be there AT ALL .... especially in a brand new system. You spend 1200 bucks on new system, the last thing you want to deal with is a defect. Now I need to take it back to the Apple...
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