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Many apologies. I did a search, but saw no matching threads. Lock away, mods.
I haven't seen this posted anywhere else, so I'll share my theory for public discussion/debate. Observation: the iPhone interface looks alot like the Time Machine interface. *jump* Conclusion: the glossy black interface is going to be a common theme in a lot of Leopard apps, if not a replacement for Aqua. Side note... I hope it isn't a replacement for aqua, but I suspect that we'll see the glossy black interface in a lot of Leopard.
Yes, Aperture 1.5 with export plug-in support which will make some people quite happy. And some improvements to standard tools (loupe viewer etc) that will make some other people happy. altavista's translation stuff works well
I don't know if this helps you at all, but when viewing all the thumbnails with the film rolls shown you can option-click on one of the film roll expand/collapse triangles and all film rolls will collapse. This makes it easier to scroll from top to bottom without seeing any thumbnails. You can manually expand or collapse individual film rolls as well, making it possible to select individual images and drag to another roll.
There's no way to make it truly native with java, but you can use a native interface (Cocoa). To do this, create a Cocoa-Java application in XCode and import your java code into the project. Google around for tutorials on cocoa-java applications. There are limitations to cocoa-java that native Objective-C apps don't have... but it is still nice to have the cocoa interface.
AFAIK you cannot create another widget. What you could do is create another div area that is separated by a space from the original widget. If you apply a separate background to this then it will appear like a completely separate widget, except that all of the comics and the main widget will move together when you drag. In theory, I believe that is possible, and there is more that could be done to make it even more usable (dragging the divs separately) but the amount of...
So... Anybody else planning on attending the Tiger release party at UW Apple store?
GT4 is very good. I borrowed a friend's copy as I am leaving for Seattle in a few days and it wouldn't have been worth buying my own copy. The game itself is like a refinement on GT3, which in my opinion is a good thing. The cars are much twitchier (in my opinion more realistic) and the graphics are sensational. I am the kind of person who loves trying for all Gold licences, or getting a personal best lap with a certain car on a certain track. To these ends, GT4 is...
Depends on where you're doing your compilation from, I guess. If you're compiling in Terminal using javac, then you would want to refer to its location in a file called .bash_profile in your home directory. export CLASSPATH=".:$CLASSPATH:/path/to/required/jarfile" This is run every time you start a new terminal (assuming you're using bash which is default on Panther). You can put the actual jar file anywhere you want.
Plus you have the shiny Mugen bar to show off. I added a rear strut bar to my 2000 Integra Type R and the main difference I notice is a little more stability during fast direction changes. Not a huge difference, but its there, and gives a little more confidence at the autoX. But I didn't have a dremel. Just a pocket knife. -- ntt
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