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Does Foxconn make good money assembling iPhone in Brazil? 
If you are so convinced that assembling Apple products in the US can make money why don't you start a business contracting the assembly?  I do not think Apple dare to reject you politically.  
Are you short sighted?  The two graphs in the article are not identical.  
Oh! Come on!  Samsung Galaxy S6 fingerprint scanner setup works exactly the same as iPhone Touch ID.  I have not heard Apple accusing Samsung of blatant IP theft.  http://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-set-up-the-fingerprint-scanner-on-the-galaxy-s6-s6-edge/   AI staff has lost common senses.  You so vehemently accuse a nonprofit Chinese University of blatant IP theft.  Yet you made no mention of a Korean business implementing the same thing on its flagship phone.  Further,...
It is important.  Google I/O conference is Google's technology roadmap for the year.  Apparently the investors who invest their money on Google do not believe this roadmap will bring significant growth to Google business.  
GOOG lost $7.88 today despite Google I/O conference being held this week.  
Do you know Google is blocked in China?  China is the largest Android market.  How could Android Pay work in China? 
So it is Google that signed agreements with the 700,000 retailers?  Google will take the fee all by itself? 
Google has lost completely in Android Pay.  Android Pay is not an innovation but a copycat.  Google business model is ad.  Google Wallet is designed to collect user buying information.  Android Pay can not. Further, Google Wallet from the name is completely owned by Google.  Android is shared with other parties.  Would Samsung, HTC, Hwawei, and all other Android phone makers like to share the Android fee with Google?  I think not.  So in the end Google does not make any...
How about the NFC chip?  Do the dirt cheap Android phones have NFC too? Does Android Pay require NFC? 
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