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There is more serious question.  It is a dream that software without bugs.  Software is constantly updated.  We have iOS 9.0, 9.0.1, 9.0.2 and now 9.1 in how long?  If a serious bug is causing many accidents and fatalities, who should be responsible? I think Steve Jobs once made an interesting comparison of  Microsoft to Auto companies.  Do you remember? 
Stop dreaming!  Let's be realistic.   Do I still have to buy automotive insurance for a self-driving car? The only thing good for this endeavor is economy.  Companies pouring money into research creating numerous high paying jobs. 
CLW is always exaggerating.  That is their job.  Why do people work?  They want make money.  CLW conveniently ignore this common sense.  Even without overtime, some people will find a second job like many in US do. 
Yes, Apple quality is degrading.  The  iOS app switcher does not tell which app is running.  You go to Settings->Battery->Battery Usage.  The info there is not very useful in emergency situation.  Because it shows app usage in the last 24 hours.  It should show usage in much shorter time.  During the day, you notice that the battery is depleting very fast.  What you need to know is which app is using a lot of battery AFTER YOU UNPLUGGED THE IPHONE!
Another example is WalMart. In a store, there are about twenty check out registers.  Only three or four are open.  There are at least three customers waiting in each line.  
I think when the nation is reaching full employment, the quality of new hires lowers correspondingly.
I looked.  I did not spend too much time looking for the app.  I rebooted.  After reboot, the phone seemed returned to normal.  The phone is not a lemon,  It is a free replacement I got from Apple store of a three year old iPhone 5.  That phone got a problem.  When I press the home button it does not return to the home.  Since the phone has a wake button replacement program.  I thought it may be due to the wake button.  Why not give it a try.  I made an appointment with...
I agree with you that software can cause a lot of energy use.  Last night I plugged the phone and went to bed.  In the midnight I woke and checked the phone.  It felt pretty warm.  This morning I unplugged the phone.  In one hour the battery went down to less than 80%.  I checked the apps. They are the same apps I have been using all the time.  I closed a few apps.  The battery seems still going down fast.  I fixed this by rebooting.  It seems the problem is not the app....
Four phones will be enough.  Two with Samsung chip.  Two with TSMC chip.  If the results are very close, it immediately rule out any phone to be defective.  If the results deviate a lot, then the test could not be used for this purpose.  
Remember the AntennaGate?  Jobs said it is because user is holding the phone incorrectly.  But in later iPhones Apple seemed have fixed the problem.
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