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Do you know Google is blocked in China?  China is the largest Android market.  How could Android Pay work in China? 
So it is Google that signed agreements with the 700,000 retailers?  Google will take the fee all by itself? 
Google has lost completely in Android Pay.  Android Pay is not an innovation but a copycat.  Google business model is ad.  Google Wallet is designed to collect user buying information.  Android Pay can not. Further, Google Wallet from the name is completely owned by Google.  Android is shared with other parties.  Would Samsung, HTC, Hwawei, and all other Android phone makers like to share the Android fee with Google?  I think not.  So in the end Google does not make any...
How about the NFC chip?  Do the dirt cheap Android phones have NFC too? Does Android Pay require NFC? 
Android Pay implemented on all versions of Android OS or just Android M?
Majority of Android users won't be able to use Android Pay too.  So what is your point? Wait!  Do you mean Android Pay will work for iPhone users? This is funny.  
This further makes Android Pay a blatant copycat.  Google abandoned Google Wallet because of Apple Pay.  Because Google Wallet trying to steal buyer information.  Google Wallet failed, Apple Pay succeeded.  Under pressure again, the young geniuses in Google choose to copy Apple again.  
They look the same from the surface.  This is where the cheating hides.  I heard that Android Pay will transmit information back to Google.  Google will use that info to further its ad revenue.  
If Android Pay is not a rebranding of Google Wallet then it is a copycat of Apple Pay although inferiorly implemented. 
This survey is very useful.  It is true.  Android users like to pay less for cheaper phones.  The iPhone makes the most profit of smartphone makers. The facts mean Android users are skewed to lower wage earners.  For low wage earners they tend to solicit help more to solve their needs.  OTOH, for high wage earners they are more personal achievers.  They rely less on helps.  
New Posts  All Forums: