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The problem with MBA is simple too heavy as compared to the iPad. 
BTW, I have a question which is not this topic.  But some people may be able to help.  When I do typing on iOS devices, it provides auto-correction. When I hit the space key, it fills the text with the suggestion.  How do I reject it?  Last time I send message to a friend, I typed FB.  It suggested FBI. I did not notice it.  When my friend received it, he accused my brain.
Ergonomically, most people use a tablet with the fingers close to it. With an external keyboard the fingers are little further.  Moreover, fingers are much fatter than a cursor.  Thus are prone to touching wrong place on the screen.
As I suggested previously, Apple need to provide mouse support in iOS 9 to make this keyboard really useful..
Paper receipt should be eliminated in the future to save the environment.  May be Apple Pay can use something like the paperless boarding pass by many airlines?  
On a regular receipt there is a bar code for the purchase.  The retailer use it for refund/exchange.
I have a question on Apple Pay.  Since the Apple Pay article was too old, I will post it here.  Do you get a receipt?  Could you return/exchange items?
Apple really need to upgrade iOS so it can support bluetooth mouse. Without a mouse the keyboard is only marginally useful.
Your observation of collectivism is correct.  Your reason of philosophy is superficial. The real reason is the difference between Asians and Europeans.  The Chinese is a weak race due to smaller statue.  In the beginning of Chinese civilization, the land is sparsely populated.  There are far more wild animals than human beings.  Many Chinese are simply too small to fight with tigers and wolves.  So they live together and follow a few leaders that are above normal sizes....
What is your answer then? 
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