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Your understanding of USB vs Firewire is false.  Apple made USB popular by iMac G3.  At that time most PC still sticks to serial ports.  
I think the good will left by Steve Jobs has helped Apple iPhone to become more and more accepted. 
I think Apple has reached its peak when Steve Jobs dies.  Cook has followed a route that is unApple.  The old Apple is never so active in research.  Apple used USB in the iMac and wifi in AirPort base station.  Both technology are not developed by Apple.  But both has benefited mankind in the most unimagined way.  Apple is working closely with SONY and making itself more and more like SONY.  SONY is a dying corporation.  It developed several technology that are best in...
How would Apple sell a $100 iPhone that is still better than the $100 Android phone without tarnishing Apple image and expectations?  
One reason may be Japanese are poorer with the tremendous devaluation of yan.  
 That means the copy is still in gross. 
Apple is doomed following the route of big corporations.
You exaggerated by at least a hundred times.  And because of this habit of exaggeration you tend to imagine a lot things. 
Apple's contribution is integrate the finger print sensor with the Home button and wrote software to support it.  
This is not accurate.  Apple bought Authentec.  Authentec R&D now are Apple R&D. 
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