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It really matter if standby time is only a couple days.  You can not use your laptop without finding an external power plug to charge it first.  
No, the HDD is put in standby mode when a system is in standby.  In standby mode the HDD still consumes 0.80 WattsThis is not a negligible number.  In fact it is big for a laptop.http://superuser.com/questions/565653/how-much-power-does-a-hard-drive-use
If the new MBP has 30 day standby time it agrees with my suspicion of the cause of power drain.  I think the traditional hard drive was designed to consume power even when in standby mode.  Apple seems trying to ditch hard drive in recent years.  This is probably the main reason.  This news MBP does not have a hard drive.
My experiences with laptops are they all have very short standby time.  If it is not used for just a couple days, the battery is completely drained out.  The MBA is the first laptop that has this amazing 30 days standby time.  
How could the MacBook replace the MBA?  The MBA has a standby time of 30 days which is unmatched by the MacBook or MacBook Pro. 
China's problem is not cheap labor or slave labor as the anti-communits here like to put it.  This type of criticism does not have good intention for the Chinese people.  Instead it is self- centered.   China's problem lack of innovation.  It is a result of talented people could not apply it easily.  They are simply wasting time and energy.  
It seems the well informed DED could not explain why such a technologically advanced place like Taiwan does not have a 'real' Apple Store.  
This thing is not determined by the leaders.  Almost 100% of the people in mainland China think Taiwan is part of China.  
Then your argument of the Mac is not related to what I talk. 
This is nonsense.  You think Apple should wait developer apps before releasing the original Mac to the public.  How is this possible?  The hardware and developer apps are chicken and egg thing.  The developer will create an app if he feels he can make money out of it.  
New Posts  All Forums: