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Then they still use screen real estate.  Just hidden.  
How do you access these buttons from these apps? 
By on-screen buttons ruining screen resolution, I think he/she mean the buttons wasted screen real estate.  
I think there is another big reason Apple did not make a phablet in the beginning.  Apple was aware a patent by a Texan.  Apple was sued by him after iPhone is released.  Apple won the case.  The patent was about integrating a phone with a PC.  Many people regard tablet as a PC.  Thus they were forecasting PC is doomed because of tablet.  The early Samsung Galaxy Notes have two models.  One can be used as phone.  The other can not.  So it is Samsung that may be infringed...
My point is Jobs had considered large screen sizes when iPhone being developed.  Samsung never invented it because Jobs has talked about it.  In fact Samsung got the idea from Jobs.  
No, the idea of large fabulist are not invented by Samsung.  When Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007, he talked about the larger screens.  Jobs and his teams have thought about the larger screens.  I bet Samsung copycats have watched Jobs keynotes then.  They must think since Apple choose not to produce a larger screen iPhone, Samsung could produce it.  Samsung marketing has a strategy of producing all kinds of smartphones.  They do not know which kind will sell.  They let...
I don't think Cook will sue Samsung. He does not want to be distracted by the gay rights issue.  
Samsung raping Apple again?  Unbelievable!
DED can also point out an empty 16GB flash drive does not come with 16GB available to user.  
If it is not why AI monitors posts?  
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