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Apple's contribution is integrate the finger print sensor with the Home button and wrote software to support it.  
This is not accurate.  Apple bought Authentec.  Authentec R&D now are Apple R&D. 
I don't think you understand patents.  Your discussion on the lightbulb is only from your imagination.  The total number of US patents is only millions.  Millions of them on lightbulb?  From your words I can see you are lying.  Further, Edison failed a thousand times before he succeeded.  So it is not easy to make a little modification here and there to make a new lightbulb.  Please educate yourself studying the finger print sensor patent by Authentech.  
I think the two companies try to steal Apple innovation in two steps.  First, they put it on the back.  Then they put it on the home button exactly like Apple. 
Apple finger print sensor previously owned by Authentech is patented.  
So Google Android users are cheap copycats too.  
But Google Wallet works differently.  Right?
BTW, I havSurface Pro 3 128 GB i5 for $999 does not include the keyboard.  
The problem with MBA is simple too heavy as compared to the iPad. 
BTW, I have a question which is not this topic.  But some people may be able to help.  When I do typing on iOS devices, it provides auto-correction. When I hit the space key, it fills the text with the suggestion.  How do I reject it?  Last time I send message to a friend, I typed FB.  It suggested FBI. I did not notice it.  When my friend received it, he accused my brain.
New Posts  All Forums: