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Huawei forgot to bribe US politicians.  However, US is more advanced than China.  So bribing has to be done more sophisticated too. 
Excellent point.  The cell tower and WiFi knows where the phone is.  Apple just enables this info to the user.  But for spy agencies like NSA, this job is almost trivial.  May be the Chinese spies are dumber than US?
7. Use an Android phone?
I think one reason people choose Roku instead of Apple TV is the bad impression Apple left in the Wintel era.  What is it?  I think it is the impression is Apple is not compatible to Windows.  And the impression is Windows is the PC.  Macs are just toys. With this impression buyers are afraid Apple TV will be incompatible too.  But this may actually be a fact.  
 I have heard several times people use language as their argument.  But all times I noticed that many people even though English is their native tone their comprehension is actually inferior to foreign born person.  Here I don't think you understand the word ethics.  Here is a result I obtained through Google search.  Ethics is a system of moral principles.  I don't think Americans respect moral more than freedom.  In any way, Google said its guiding principle is DO NO...
Your mind seems completely screwed up.  How could a company uses business decision to do whatever thing it like without regards to laws and ethics?  If you are right then Sterling is right too. 
I am still waiting for the other poster to say what is his disability.  I feel there is a fraud in his case.  And to two of you, according to US law I can kill you as self defense before you can punch me. 
Your criticism to me is wrong.  The article said NAB wants Apple to require every app in App Store to be disabled person friendly.  NAB is not satisfied what Apple has done. 
No, it does not say what is the disability. 
I do not think you answered it honestly.  You did not say what is your disability.  Your job is very specific.  It is probably 0.001% of all jobs available. 
New Posts  All Forums: