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Apple reminds the worlPart of the reason is either Congress or Americans do not want to shut down the federal government.  The result is the federal jobs are not competitive to the private sector.  In other words, we have a bunch of fat bureaucrats.  The airport security personnel used to be run by private companies and thus very competitive.  As a result of 911, we now have a boat load of well paid federal workers.  Their only functionality is to catch terrorists.  How...
Apple reminds the world capitalism creates real jobs. 
I think there is a reason why Apple wants to get rid of HDD and DVD drives.  The non-retina MBP spec does not give a standby time while the retina MBPs have a standby time of 30 days.  IOW, the non-retina MBPs are not environmentally friendly. 
I know better than Tim Cook.  I have criticized the iPad memory pricing since last year.  Apple marketing team was fool. 
I think this researcher is saying if you modify the firmware then the iPhone may be snooped.  iOS update may change the firmware.  But apps can not. 
Do you realize you are supporting my statements?  You gave several examples of US documents that are classified and confidential.  You failed to give a few examples of US documents that are available to the public.  
I see many posters here attacking China are either ignorant or selfish.  Do they know all trade news between US and China?  Especially do they know US government especially Congress has repeatedly use national security as excuse to forbid business deals with China?  There are two big examples I remember.  First, Congress has stopped a Chinese company to buy a US oil company with national security as excuse.  Second, Congress has banned Huawei of selling equipment to US...
We should care because Chinese government may take actions against Apple based on irrational understanding of location services. 
Yes, you have a biased view.  I point out the fact to you. 
There was one interesting news when Chinese President Xi and his wife were visiting US a couple years ago.  His wife was photographed of using an iPhone to take a picture of interesting place. 
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