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When Jobs launched iPad in 2010 it was a big surprise to the PC industry.  It is so well designed and manufactured and aggressively priced that the PC companies can not match for over three years.  This is why iPad market share dominated until 2012.  But the copycats have set up manufacturing and copied the iPad design.  It is a big mistake for Apple not to change its pricing strategy now. Because a lot of advantages of iPads have been copied to the competitors over the...
At Woot, refurbished Google Next 10 32GB tablet sold out at $329.  This proves my point larger memory is desirable for tablet buyers. 
I think Apple should set the iPad Air base model at 32GB for $499 and the iPad 2 at 16GB for $399.  This will make the iPad  Air, iPad 2,iPad mini 2 and iPad mini all difficult to choose for a lot of people. 
I think Apple losing market share solely due to price.  Apple had a good opportunity to remedy this problem but failed.  Apple could have price the iPad Air at $499 with 32 GB as base model.  I think Tim Cook did not fully understand the difference between iPhone and iPad.  To iPhone storage is not as important as on iPad.  The iPad could be a replacement for a PC.  For a PC, the more storage the better.  Do I need to elborate more?
I use Kindle on my iPad too.  Its dictionary is worse than iBooks.
I was trying to post like yours then I saw your post.  Two more things that Apple can do to make the new iPad the most important, TouchID and gps chip in wifi models.
Motorola implemented it on Atrix differently from Apple. This is how much has changed I think. 
What is the purpose of patent?
Is it patented?
Apple is not losing IP wars this time.  Apple lost PC war because its brand was effectively blocked out by the PC manufacturers.  Macs are more expensive.  They sell to more affluent people.  In the PC era, the affluent people have much less chance of encountering a Mac user.  Their buying decision was influenced by PC users.  They did not know a Mac can do the same things a PC can do and do them better. But since PCs started to overwhelm Macs, there was a time many...
New Posts  All Forums: