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I disagree.  Apple market share in US is over 40%.  The users are mostly affluent and spend more time web browsing.  I don't think Apple should rely on ads for revenue.  This will be contradictory to the strategy I propose. Also Apple has repeatedly said giving its user best experience is its goal.  Reducing ads definitely will give users better experience.   Apple should give user a choice whether to accept ads.  This could spawn a new class of apps that are dedicated to...
I think Apple has an easy strategy to compete with Google.  Apple should work as hard as possible to reduce ads on the mobile devices.  This will not only reduce Google revenue it also makes the users feeling much comfortable. 
Does this report make sense?  It is simply too general.  Most importantly I believe majority of Android phone users are not using the phone as a smartphone.    The devil is in the details.  Around the world even in the US many cheap Android phones are sold without a monthly data plan.  And the phones are as cheap as the old feature phone.  If the user does not do web browsing a lot what smartphone will he choose?    But are these the users that Jobs designed the iPhone...
I think Google signed the deal at this time is to allow Samsung to use Motorola finger print patents and technology in the next S5.  
S4 has a very big battery because the phone is oversized.  
Apple of course did not invent finger print sensor.  Nor is Apple the first putting it on a smart phone.  The difference is the details and this is patented by Apple.  Apple put it on the Home button.  And it is PATENDED! With your copying brain any software can be copied.  Because they are lines of lines C/C++/...  codes which the programer did not invent. 
I think Apple was originally sued by DOJ.  So how could DOJ tell the Circuit Court what to do?  DOJ is not a neutral party. 
Isn't he just rephrasing why the iPad succeeded in 2010?  
Remember that greedy Texas engineer that sued Apple for making iPhone/iPad?  The iPhone is not a PC.  The iPad is not a phone.  What he needs to sue is Samsung and many Android phablet makers. 
Jesus! Stupid and Greedy Americans. The USPS, a subsidiary of US government has been used by partners stuffing my mail box with unwanted materials causing me countless harms.
New Posts  All Forums: