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 Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 and 10 are not selling cheaper than iPad and iPad mini.  Samsung sells them very well through Costco.  
 I was using iPhone 5S as example.  But my point is directed to iPad.  I believe more memory is more useful to iPad.  
According to IHS estimates the 16 GB memory in iPhone 5S costs Apple $10.  The 32 GB costs $20.  64 GB $30.  But Apple adds $100 for a 32 GB iPhone 5S and $200 for 64 GB.  The profit margin for the memory is much higher than the iPhone as a whole.  I believe there is high desire for iPhone/iPad users to go for larger memory.  This desire is being suppressed by the unnecessary cost to upgrade.  I think Apple is losing good will to its users because of this price difference....
The new iPads will be equipped with the fingerprint sensor that every body wants for convenience. I wonder if Delta pilots will complain to the IT department when the new iPads debutted next week.
I think TouchID requires a complete fingerprint.  With an incomplete fingerprint the phone can not be unlocked. 
The street always give the wrong reason of why a stock goes up or down.  AAPL began dropping yesterday after 11AM PT when the show was over.  The price of 3C was announced much earlier.  It seems the investors was waiting for the one last thing that is a 5 inch iPhone.  Apple has missed a huge market which is every bigger than iPhone.  The combined sales of larger smartphones are bigger than iPhone.  With a bigger iPhone Apple can resume growth. 
 I think the more important reason is the missing large sized iPhone.  AAPL did not drop when the 5C price is announced.  It began dropping after the show is over.  It seems the market was waiting for the one last thing.   I am convinced there are quite a few consumers that want bigger phone over better phone.  Without a bigger phone Apple is giving up a growth opportunity.  Cheaper phone actually will lower gross margin which is not good for the stock.  
  I think fingerprint is not the only way to unlock if it failed.  If the user can not unlock with finger print it still can be unlocked with pass code. 
 I think in most cases law enforcement agency will have the suspect in custody in addition to the phone.
I don't think NSA will need the finger print sensor to identify the legitimate owner.  They can do this today already. 
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