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I do not think you answered it honestly.  You did not say what is your disability.  Your job is very specific.  It is probably 0.001% of all jobs available. 
I don't know what kind of job you work.  In many companies the workers frequently are asked to do something unrelated to X such as community services that salesforce.com employees have done in the news.  The disabled person wants help from non-disabled person.  How one can expect them to provide services to other people? 
I said very clearly.  Can disabled person perform as well as non-disabled in general? 
This is the problem of disabled persons.  They are out of sync to the real cruel world. 
No, you did not answer my question.  Can disabled person perform as well as non-disabled in general? 
You are wrong.  They are not discrimination.  You need to think about the non-disabled persons too.  How their wages, employment, promotion are determined?  Legally they are determined by performance.  To be more specific the amount or the value of the work they did.  Can disabled person perform as well as non-disabled in general?  Please give me your honest answer. 
This argument is wrong.  Apple selling apps from App Store is no different from Google Play or Amazon store. 
What is your definition.  The fact is Google makes more money out of iPhone users than Android users by selling ads.  iPhone users are bigger customers of Google. 
I agree.  The disabled persons should know even nondiabled persons sometimes have to accept certain disadvantages.  For example, there are a couple years Google purposely not giving iPhone users navigation ability in the Maps app while it gave Android users this ability.  The iPhone users tolerated this discrimination for a couple years until Apple replaced Google Maps app with one of its own.  Then Google put the navigation into the iOS Google Maps app. 
This is the solution I suggested that Apple certify apps to be disabled person friendly instead of requiring every app to be so.  This is backward to ask over one million apps to be so.
New Posts  All Forums: