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I tried to update from 7 to 8.0.2.  Software Update said the size of iOS 8.0.2 is 995MB.  However, it said I can not update the iPhone 5 because it requires 4.7GB of free space which is not available.  What is going on with Apple software?
Do you really want to believe in China Labor Watch?  I think this organization itself is dirty.  How does it work?  Most posters think China is corrupt.  CLW has many Chinese in it.  Why do they do things that are un-Chinese?  How does it get funded?  I feel there is a lot of politics behind.  They could be from Apple competitors and/or anti-China people. Therefore, I don't think CLW actually cared for the workers.  First of all, CLW must use Apple to get the most money....
Do you realize that you are an exception to most folks?  
There was another complaint early in this thread.  You probably missed it.  The complaint is one needs to touch screen to do clicking, dragging.  This is inconvenient.  This is also one of the criticisms of Windows 8.  
I think the issue is not keyboard. The schools are computer idiots. And every body is being misled. The real issue is lack of mouse. You need a mouse to do text editing. Select an insertion point. Select a range of text. I have a solution to this lack of mouse problem. You actually need to provide a mouse for the iPad. Then you need an app which will provide a cursor on the screen....
Apple reminds the worlPart of the reason is either Congress or Americans do not want to shut down the federal government.  The result is the federal jobs are not competitive to the private sector.  In other words, we have a bunch of fat bureaucrats.  The airport security personnel used to be run by private companies and thus very competitive.  As a result of 911, we now have a boat load of well paid federal workers.  Their only functionality is to catch terrorists.  How...
Apple reminds the world capitalism creates real jobs. 
I think there is a reason why Apple wants to get rid of HDD and DVD drives.  The non-retina MBP spec does not give a standby time while the retina MBPs have a standby time of 30 days.  IOW, the non-retina MBPs are not environmentally friendly. 
I know better than Tim Cook.  I have criticized the iPad memory pricing since last year.  Apple marketing team was fool. 
I think this researcher is saying if you modify the firmware then the iPhone may be snooped.  iOS update may change the firmware.  But apps can not. 
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